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2SK datasheet, 2SK circuit, 2SK data sheet: SANYO – N-Channel Junction Silicon FET(FM Tuner Applications),alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet . 2SK Transistor Datasheet, 2SK Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. MOSFET. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog. 2SK Datasheet PDF Download – N-Channel Junction Silicon FET, 2SK data sheet.

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Vintage Type with metal ferrule. Audio Research uses them, as does Marshall. Please contact us if you can not find your required Transistor and IC. From the same manufacturer that supplies Fender, etc.

The IC tag is earthed so it mounts direct to the chassis or heatsink required but not supplied. In cases where there are substitutes that we are aware of and stock, both types will be listed and the same type will be supplied in both cases.

It is designed for universal use as a high power, low distortion, low noise replacement amp and has simple installation. The construction of gold-plated molybdenum alloy grid, carboncoated screen grid makes it one of the best current production on the market.

Manufacturers tend to discontinue goods without prior warning. These new polypropylene film caps have much better leakage characteristics too. Sold only in matched pairs. Have you spent valuable time going through various data books looking for clues? Includes pre-cut jumper lead kit in an easy storage container.


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GOLDPlated molybdenum alloy grid and Carbon coated screen grid makes this one of the best, most reliable, efficient, and classic sounding 6L6s Very deep and rich sounding classic. May require additional components depending on application. No rattle microphonics, etc. Classic large plate Mullard design.

2SK212 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Receiving rave reviews for its superior tone and sonics. Take Hwy 27 south approx 3 miles.

To make things more confusing,the KS is left off the device there fore C is the only marking on the transistor. RF65 For heavy duty cleaning. New materials and technology make these new release valves the best in the world. Now we have the data books you require. Overall, a well balanced valve. These sturdy, axial lead, aluminium electrolytic capacitors are preferred by most craftsmen for authentic vintage guitar amp and hi-fi restorations.

Suitable for Audio quality RMS. You will find the EP22 easy to set up, efficient and stable. Suit most transistor and IC mountings. Ideal guitar amp solution. Mono input jack, 4 Solder terminals.

2SK Datasheet PDF – Shindengen Electric

Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. Double woven cloth jacket, wax datasheeet, with Celanese inner braiding. This is caused by the heatsinks being just large enough for the very high thermal specification, leaving no overhead!

  ABNT NBR 13786 PDF

A new and improved range of tubes have arrived from Russia and claim to rival Mullards and better the classics of old. Looks the part too!

(PDF) 2SK212 Datasheet download

TO Volts Code 2. Any 6L6 up to V! Remember me Forgot password? In most cases the specs are similar but pin outs are not. Very realistic mids with a sweet top. Please check circuit prior to replacing transistor, the same number does not always mean that pin outs are the same. As used in Fender Amps. Classic large shoulder bottles 24Hr burn-in matching pairs Best specifications achieved 8 course directly heated filament 40 Watt gold plate.

Gold-plated molybdenum alloy grid and carbon-coated screen grid for power. Check Valve Specifications 1st. Four-pillar construction and mica spacers maintain a rugged mechanical reliability. When you contact us about items not listed, please supply us with as much information as you have available about the part. Vintage amp users and audiophiles will be thrilled to find that a superior quality, ultra low noise replacement finally exists.