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Y pronto empezó a desear ascenderla de amante de conveniencia a esposa de un millonario. Leer o Descargar “Cathy Williams – A Merced Del Millonario” en. Cathy Williams. Tweetear · A merced del griego · A Merced Del Millonario · Alma de fuego El hijo secreto del magnate · El multimillonario. Cathy Williams is a great believer in the power of perseverance as she had cover image of Del trabajo al placer cover image of A merced del millonario.

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Ashley rated it it was amazing Feb 18, But Rocco’s presumption that Amy will leave quietly is challenged by Amy! But he ends up realizing what he almost let slip through his fingers when he goes back to town, and his mom tells him that Georgie has a new boyfriend after three months pass by.

He focused on making and keeping his money, and became more and more cold-hearted in a sense. Pierre’s furious; Georgie, in answer to Didi’s concern that Pierre dates all the wrong women, has told her that for the last eight months they’ve been seriously involved.

In summary, just a quick, good romance with cathj sizzle.

This book was so hard to finish, the characters were stupid the writing was boring and nothing really happened. When Pierre’s mother Didi’s health declines, Georgie tells her a little white lie: And while he was busy in London proving his talents in the financial world, his parents took in their neighbours teenage daughter, Georgie, who was suddenly orphaned.

Loved the hot hero Pierre, and liked the heroine, Georgie. The last thing Pierre wants is to mislead his mother, but hearing the excitement in her voice, a joy he hasn’t heard in a long time, he realizes that he needs to play the boyfriend for awhile.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. So she takes a chance and says they are engaged. Pierre certainly wasn’t very likeable at the beginning, but then again Georgie kind of got on my nerves at first too.

Oct 09, Lenore Kosinski rated it liked it Shelves: Italian millionaire Angelo Falcone always got his way. Pierre doesn’t see why they can’t make their affair real and when the fun ends, break off just as they’d planned williamx do.

Pasión turbulenta by Cathy Williams on Apple Books

I do have a beef though Ailliams hate the mistress concept. He likes his women cold-blooded, into making money, intellectual, and willing to get horizontal without feelings involved. Oct 04, Kobie rated it it was ok Shelves: It had sizzle and some humor. Also the ending was stupid. Her untainted beauty sets his Spanish blood on fire!


I was actually okay with Pierre to a certain extent, although I wished he hadn’t kept his family at a distance, but I can’t judge him for that.

Victoria rated it really liked it Jul 05, I like sizzle and I get excited if a good dose mfrced humor is thrown in. Georgie heartily disproves of Pierre’s life style. Cristina se queda de But when he suggested to stunning model Francesca Hayley that they make their affair permanent, she turned him down for reasons she couldn’t tell Angelo Lara rated it liked it Apr 14, I did enjoy the build-up of attraction in their false pretenses, and found the chemistry believable. He resented his family for their organic farming ventures, and the fact that they squandered their money on schemes destined to fail.

Top tycoon Willjams Losi is legendary for being arrogant and demanding! Because they are fun to read, I am prepared to overlook some of the way un-PC aspects, most of the time. I’m looking for something that can be read in a few hours where the writing flows and I like the characters, the story, and even the location. Be the first to ask a question about Bedded at the Billionaire’s Convenience.


Kate Sanderson rated it liked it Jan 06, She rejected him once But she’s good friends with his mom, and she wants for Didi to get better. Georgie kept four chicken in her backyard; Pierre had a burning ambition to amass a staggering wealth. Pierre goes along with the charade, because Georgie answering his phone at Oct 06, Kay rated it really liked it Shelves: To ask other readers questions about Bedded at the Billionaire’s Convenienceplease sign up.

All the love scenes were very peculiar. Vicky rated it liked it Aug 08, I think part of the problem was that the blurb on the back of the book was nothing like the actual storyline.

I liked that Georgie wasn’t beholden to Pierre or under his thumb. Which I thought was weird, but oh well. He doesn’t even dsl Georgie. I’m repeating myself Vel know, but there are times I need and crave a quick, short romance. Pierre loved the way Georgie lit up when he pushed the right buttons, and was surprised at how sexy he found her.

A feel good love story. Thus, this term does not apply to Georgie, whatsoever.