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Accu-Chek Aviva Expert • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. View and Download Accu-Chek Aviva Expert quick start manual online. Aviva Expert Blood Glucose Meter pdf manual download. A survey of ACCU-CHEK Aviva Expert users found that 79 percent reported A multicenter study found that 63 percent of manually calculated.

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Accu-Chek Aviva Expert | Diabetes UK

I am on MDI and don’t really fancy a pump at the moment but this feels like it gives me some of the advantages of the pump. As I said in my earlier post, I had did get the expert handset without paying for my pump, so been using it since end mid January It was one reason why the ‘active insulin’ was so handy.

Yes, my password is: Mostly the ‘bolus advice’ seems to be a straight carbs: The advice screen shows you the mechanics of the calculation and also how much active you supposedly have on board which is why it was so useful for expdrt, particularly given the rounding up and down to whole units that happens for us MDI luddites. Mine does tell me how much active insulin I have ‘on board’ though which can be useful.

Im sure its got its benefits, i’ll go back and start using it again now I am hypoing less. The rep spent 45 minutes showing how to use it and putting the settings in etc. Initially it was pretty good. I was given one by espert DSN towards the end of December and so far after spending some time to get the settings right it’s making avivaa pretty good effort at suggesting boluses.


Has anyone got the accu-chek aviva expert meter. I got it free at my clinic, because I agreed to ‘trial’ it. I tried testign and giving a bolus then checking 15 minutes later and Cuek was 13 and it wanted me to correct that using my normal correction ratio, which I didn’t do as i knew I had just eaten and had plenty of active insulin.

Donate Log in or Sign up. Discussion in ‘ General Messageboard ‘ started by spiritfreeSep 22, I found with the Compass software it wasn’t the answer to all, and compared against other manufacturers pump wizard it lacked a lot. SmitJan 4, Welcome to the Diabetes UK Forum. The thing which I can’t seem to get to work as I’d expect is the ‘Active Insulin’ reading.

So those are the benefits, so what are abiva cons? Believe me I have no intentions of forking out? I have one but I am nto using it at the moment. Although the stand alone meter is programmed slightly differently.

If I remember correctly you have the Combo pump and have now got the handset so essentially you already have this meter. On DAFNE you are taught you can get aaway with 10g snack without needing insulin and I thought thats what this snack size was for, but it seems to always tell me to take insulin to cover my 10g snack.


Well I believe they want to charge quite a bit of money for this, about? If it’s the same meter it should have the facility of blue tooth to connect to the pump, which will include the basal rate setting etc. Do you already have an account? So far the thing I’m most impressed with is the half unit corrections it’s been suggesting that I probably wouldn’t have bothered with. NiVZMar 9, Just wondered how those of you who have been using it longer are getting on with it?

Accu-Chek Aviva Expert User Manual

You also get some extra functions for analysing your results on the meter itself; a colour screen! NiVZMar 10, Has anyone else had this? I really like it. Thanks for your replies.

I did have to rethink one of my methods for correcting a high bg to work with the handset, my old method of using a combination of bolus and TBR on the pump, meant that the wizard wouldn’t mnaual the TBR in calculations, so it was a case of sorting out a dual wave instead! Its the case the more information available the better our judgment call is. Please tell me that this is eexpert the same meter as what comes with Spirit Combo?

JennywrenJan 16,