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Hypercardioid, studio-quality boundary microphone with rugged, “non-crush” case and switchable bass-cut filter for reducing footfall noise, ideal for tough. The C BL is a boundary layer microphone with hypercardioid polar pattern, with rugged construction and a switchable bass-cut filter for reducing footfall. | AKG MICROPHONES – Boundary – Wall, floor, ceiling, table, lectern | Intended for applications ranging from providing sound reinforcement of stage.

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Voice, instruments, stage or conference. If the model desired can not be located on the site, please contact Sales.

AKG C547BL boundary microphone

The cylinder is 25mm in length, and contains the electret capsule and a c547b, grip for the captive cable which exits from the cylinder at the rear. Canford is a main dealer for AKG microphones and accessories. Subs and attack a very neutral sound just a little bump in the 6k.

Intended for applications ranging from providing sound reinforcement of stage performances c547l courtroom, surveillance and security recordings, this selection of microphones all mount flat on a surface, taking advantage of ak clarity and consistency obtained by placing the diaphragm close to the boundary of the acoustic space. The CBL99 is a ‘hemispherical boundary layer microphone designed to deliver superior results for a multitude of recording applications’, small, lightweight and easy to place.

Recording, courtroom, surveillance and security applications. A typical placement for this microphone would be directly on the floor of stage, near the edge, thus out of sight to the audience.

I would really like to try it with another drummer in the studio, I think that akt is the cream of the crop.

It has a hemi-spherical polar pattern akv ‘clear, intelligible pickup of speech’. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. A low-cut switch integrated into the XLR connector may be used to reduce disturbing low frequency noise. It is ‘extremely small and inconspicuous’, has a ‘studio-quality microphone capsule’, ‘high sensitivity and low self-noise’. C – Hyper-cardioid The C is a hyper-cardioid, professional, boundary-layer microphone.

Note that since this microphone has a hemi-spherical pattern, it receives sound at an equal level from all directions except through the base of the plate. Boundary Microphones When a microphone diaphragm is placed very close to a flat surface it is said to be in the ‘pressure zone’ or at the acoustical boundary of the room. Primarily designed for use in houses of worship, theatres and conferencing, the C BL is also a ‘good choice for miking kick drums and other instruments’.


The plug mates with a cable socket with mm amg cable, connected to an extended-length XLR connector containing a c547l power adapter. CBL99 – Hemi-spherical The CBL99 is a ‘hemispherical boundary layer c5447bl designed to deliver superior results for a multitude of recording applications’, small, lightweight and easy to place.

No longer manufactured, available only while stocks last. This cable is mm long, terminated with a two pole miniature jack plug, which is small enough to go through the mounting hole. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Three small holes drilled in the centre c547gl as the grille of the transducer.

AKG CBL boundary microphone

Print Print with pricing Print unpriced. A group that I had background music for a concert happened with that, I plugged in and there c547vl By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Alternatively it could be placed on c547bp lectern, table or even a TV news desk.

This is the region where any reflections of acoustic waves will be so short that they will have a frequency way above the range of human hearing, thus avoiding the comb-filtering, or interference of the direct sound by the reflected sound, experienced when placing a normal microphone near a reflective surface.

AKG C BL Microphone Z B&H Photo Video

I do not know and have used 2 times. I never found this depth, its so full ally to attack barely improved. Here’s a link to the group, I do not know if they were recorded with but there is a good chance that yes I admit its a little dough: The transducer sits in a metal plate only 5mm thick, frequency response is ‘very uniform within its hemisphere’ when mounted to a surface of sufficient sizeand it ‘captures the room sound’ of an instrument ‘very accurately’.

As a result it could be very useful for a round-table discussion, mounted on the underside of a grand-piano lid or mounted on a wall, but in none of those cases if it is feeding a loudspeaker which is within the range of that hemisphere.

AKG C 547 BL T Condenser Cable Microphone

Find similar 11 Boundary layer microphones 9 AKG 9 AKG microphones 10 Boundary layer microphones 5 Flush mount microphones 2 Hidden microphones 8 Microphones, boundary layer 2 Microphones, hidden 8 Microphones, pressure zone 2 Microphones, surveillance 9 Pressure zone microphones 3 Surface mounting microphones 2 Surveillance microphones 2 Wallmount microphones. As a result c574bl could be very useful for a round-table discussion or mounted on a wall, but in neither of these cases if it is feeding a loudspeaker which is within the range of that hemisphere.


Micro hyper-cardioid for kick drum that pose inside. The microphone is meant to be mounted through a sheet of material or a plate. When a microphone diaphragm is placed very close to a flat surface it is said to be in the ‘pressure zone’ or at the acoustical boundary of the room.

I told him about it and he told me it was a big Italian sound engineer who advised him. Log in Become a member. C CM – Hemi-spherical A ‘professional,flush-mount, boundary microphone’, designed for permanent, ‘invisible’ mounting in ceilings, walls, tables and stages, the C CM is characterised by ‘excellent clarity and a consistent pickup anywhere around’ the microphone, styled by AKG as the ‘Invisible ear’ for recording, courtroom, surveillance and security applications and a ‘perfect tool for surveillance or live recording’.

There is a character limit.

A 3mm thick, 20mm diameter, bevelled disc sits on the surface of the plate, showing only four drilled holes in the matt nickel-plated surface. See the product page for suggested alternatives.

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The second time, the same drummer in his main c547l, in another room, rebelotte, sound hard all full of serious precision.

The CBL99 requires phantom power.