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Penerapan Algoritma Semut Dalam Penentuan Distribusi Jalur Pipa Pengolahan Air Bersih (In press). Octariani, Octariani and Antoni, Darius and Emigawaty, Emigawaty () ALGORITMA SEMUT UNTUK PENYELESAIAN TRAVELLING. Ant is conspecific of creation insect of having prayer beads diligent God to God. If we check and studies behavior of ant hence would ever greater of our love to.

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However, a lot of date is used, make the accuracy becomes progressively decreasing. Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, 18 5— COM, 16 4— In Vol 8, No 2 Heuristic method is a technique used to improve the efficiency of the search process.

Ant colonies can find the shortest route between the nest and the source of food based on footprints on the trajectory that has been passed. So ant is animal taken as example of peer in the case of strong ambition and intention doing not know hopeless word. Ants Algorithms are very appropriate to be applied in solving optimization problems, one of which is to determine the shortest path. Csrid, 4 273— Journal of Software Engineering and Its Alglritma, 10 10— Ant has a real extraordinary ability in wading river that is by the way of wading river and swims, though not a few of they submerged brought river current, but with all energy?

Click on the Metric tab below to see the detail. Ant algorithm is adopted from the behavior of semht colonies, known as ant system.


Ant algorithm is a class heuristik which based on at seeking algorithm applied to break many problemses of combinatorial optimization. Ant Algorithms basically is a colony from artificial Ant and designed to solve problem certain. Jurnal Nasional Informatika dan Teknologi Jaringan, 2 160— Analisis algoritma semut untuk pemecahan masalah penugasan.


International Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 1 226— This study aims to facilitate the Development of Drinking Water Treatment Performance to make decisions in determining the point where the algoritmq of water distribution pipelines that will be distributed to residents’ homes. Implementasi algoritma koloni semut pada proses pencarian jalur terpendek jalan protokol di Kota Yogyakarta.

Conventional methods tend to be more easily understood than heuristic methods, but when compared to esmut results obtained, heuristic methods are more varied and the time required for calculation is shorter. Esmut of artificial intelligence in predicting the value of indonesian oil and gas exports with bp algorithm. Volume 8 Nomor 2 Tahun If we check and studies behavior of ant hence would ever greater of our love to God as well as we would increasingly pays attention to fellow being which his its must be each other remind and looks after, tries seeing behavior of ant that is in harmony and has soul a algorotma at court a real height.

Analisis dalam menentukan produk bri syariah terbaik berdasarkan dana pihak ketiga menggunakan AHP. As Islam believer, we try to imitate behavior of ant.


It is really this became Iesson to us that very extraordinary ant of soul helps each other it. Naturally ant colonies are able to find the shortest route on the way from the nest to the food sources. Ant colony can find the shortest route between nest and food sources based on the pheromone trail on a path that had been passed.

Searching for shortest route can be done by using two methods; there are conventional method and heuristic method. Theory and Problems of Operations Research. An ant algorithm is an algorithm that is adopted from the behavior of ant colonies.


Penulis mempunyai hak untuk hal-hal berikut:. Modifikasi algoritma semut untuk optimasi probabilitas pemilihan node dalam penentuan jalur terpendek. JSINBIS dan Universitas Diponegoro serta Editor melakukan segala upaya untuk memastikan bahwa tidak ada data, pendapat atau pernyataan yang salah atau menyesatkan yang dipublikasikan di jurnal ini.

The more ants that pass through a path, the more obvious the footprints will be.

In additional, to the number of cities, the value of parameters used are also quite influence the accuracy of calculations. In the heuristic method there are several algorithms, one of which is the ant algorithm.