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Anna Godbersen is the bestselling author of The Luxe novels. She was born in California, the daughter of a cab driver and a painter. She writes for various New . I’m a sucker for great relationships between female characters. beautiful days anna godberson Beautiful Days picks up where its predecessor. I read Bright Young Things, the first in the series with the same name, early last year and pretty much loved it. Anna Godbersen has been a.

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Although I haven’t read the first book yet I will buy it asap I really, really liked this book. Godbersen continues to utilise the third person multiple perspectives style that she has used in all her past novels.

Posted by Rebecca-Books at Will they get everything they wanted? If any of the girls would just say what they mean at any given time, so much of the conflict in the book wouldn’t have happened – but, of course, in a successful story there must be conflict and instead of creating something clever Godbersen seemed to go the lazy way of lobotomizing her heroines.

This time, the summer is hotter, and the romances and betrayals even stronger. It had nothing to do with the writing, more to do with where the storyline went and where I thought It was going to go. The best thing about this book is the writing which Godbersen I think altered slightly to suit the era after The Luxe. Despite the tragedies that occurred day the end of Bright Young Things, Beautiful Days has a very whimsical feel to it.

The whole premise is that it’s the reflection of some yet unknown first beautifup narrator from the prologue of the first book on three “remarkable” “flappers” yes, both in separate scare quotes in the summer of However, with that said, this eagerly awaited sequel really brought me back to the Jazz Era – along with the lives of Cordelia Grey, Astrid Donal and ‘Letty Larkspur’.

Nov 01, Kristin rated it really liked it.

I’m tempted to grab The Lucky Ones at the library and spend a few minutes reading the end of Letty’s story because she’s the only one I care about and not beaitiful to suffer through the goddbersen Cordelia story and the absolute bore that’s become of Astrid’s story. Cordelia comes into her own in this book taking her place in the Grey family and helping to run dats newest club in town whilst being the centre of adys in the gossip columns. Cordelia is put in charge of a new night club that Charlie is opening.


This won’t win awards for historical accuracy or award-winning writing, but it is a lot of damn fun to read about these girls and their ridiculous at times exploits. My heart broke for their sorrows, and rejoiced in their triumphs. The writing is still a bit jarring. Nor beauticul we get to see his side of the story, which in the end of the last book he was trying to tell Cordelia. Godbersen always takes into account everything that happens in the story and weaves that into the conclusion.

Problems between Charlie and dsys Hale family heat up with the destruction of a warehouse, attack on a night club, and then Astrid getting kidnapped. I enjoyed watching Cordelia getting more aquainted and at ease in her new role and lifestyle. Granted, it was obvious that she would start out as just the face, but she could have used that as a way to learn about the business.

I still hope Letty dies. And there are lots and lots of pretty clothes! However, whenever I read Anna Godbersen’s books, I am literally taken to the era and it is like the reader is this invisible friend of Letty, Cordelia and Astrid’s walking along side them experiencing what they are.

It’s obvious that they have a amna romance, a somewhat abusive relationship. There, she ends up taking the stage after the scheduled singer gets drunk.

A sense of contentment and complete fulfilment will wash over you as you bathe in the happiness of Letty, Cordelia and Astrid. Cordelia is angry about Thom’s betrayal and she swears she’ll get revenge for her father’s death, Letty has all but given up on her dream of becoming a singer until Cordelia opens a new speakeasy, and Astrid and Charlie’s relationship is on the verge of crumbling because he’s too busy for godbrrsen. Great review and I’m a new follower: Anja next book, The Lucky Ones, will be released in So underplayed- it was over, I felt, in minutes.

I liked that Charlie had a bigger role in the story as now he has to take over his Fathers Empire.


Rebecca-Books: Beautiful Days – Anna Godbersen (#2)

But things quickly change. I know godgersen lot of about the ‘s America because I was examined on that decade of Prohibition, speak-easies and entertainment for my History GCSE last year. DNFed at pages. Cordelia, meanwhile, is still getting over the events of the last month where she was deceived by the gorgeous Thom Hale resulting in her father being killed.

Is the club closing after godberseen weekend for good?? I wanted there to be more of a self-contained plot instead of being a segway between the first and third book.

Having said that, I hope there is a third book planned for this series that will have some redeeming value and will up my star rating to 5 again. I really love some of the issues that Godbersen is exploring with Cordelia’s love interest, Max, though I do wish that Cordelia would go back with Thom. Godbersen writes really long passages and they’re only effective when they are quoted in their entirety. If you want something more accurate or nuanced, look elsewhere.

I must admit that I was also disapp I bought this book bequtiful minute I finished reading Bright Young Things and I’m sorry to report that I am disappointed. And poor Astrid was turned into a pretty piece of fluff window dressing and her entire story centered around her wedding and nothing else.

Beautiful Days

Most godberaen the reason should be credited to Ms. She wants to be a singer, but hasn’t really DONE anything to get there. I loved seeing how each of the characters progressed and changed as the book went on.

Comments can, most of the time, make my day. I’d been hoping for him to be more like this It moved faster, and the characters barring stupid Letty got more interesting. Astrid’s stepsister Billie a college girl — she goes to Barnard, like the author, apparently — who enjoys wearing men’s trousers and kissing girlsthe manager of a club named IIRC Roger.