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And the book Anurag Sagar is in the form of ques- tions from Dharam Das and Kabir Sahib’s replies to those ques- tions. Table of Contents Introduction / z I. The . provides services of Anurag Sagar in Hindi in pdf, Read Anurag Sagar in Hindi, Free Downlaod Anurag Sagar in Hindi, Anurag Sagar. Namaste Messrs Suresh Kumar/Vipin K I am positively impressed with orders from I have never had any reason to complain about my orders.

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Only a few can learn this from a perfect Master. Anul Bird Mythological bird. You annuraag blood and we also have the same blood! Dharam Das, understand this: These four forms of life figure prominently later in Anurag Sagar. The gracious Sat Purush doesn’t anudaag at good or bad deeds — He is controlled by service.

It is also said that Kabir made a number of resurrection appearances after his death, including at least one to Dharam Das in which he gave him further instruction along the lines of the Anurag Sagar.

Safar Inside the Book. How do I create nine universes, as Anurasg have been ordered by Him? The Life of Kabir As Sant Ajaib Singh points out in his Foreword, the life of Kabir is lost in the mists of legend and it is very difficult, from this point so far removed in time from Kabir’s life, to know many hard facts about it.

He did devotion for sixty-four yugas — standing on one foot. The insect who catches the sound of bhringi, itself becomes bhringi. Five elements and three gunas were mixed, and thus their bodies were made. I highly recommend others to use this site.

Take refuge in the Satguru and, developing Mritak, rid yourself of Kal’s pain. Meditate on the Satguru Shabda and the thief of darkness will run away. These invasions, in- itially in the person of the successive incarnations— Sat Sukrat, Maninder, Karunamai, and Kabir — of the Son of Eternity who is both the hero and author of the epic, and then in the person of his successors whom he raises to the same stature as himself, are the subject of the poem; and its core is the painstaking, infinitely patient search for Dharam Das, the “slave of Law,” the freed soul who has blown it, the ignorant disciple who becomes the Master and who is, in fact, all of us.


Sant Ajaib Singh has compared the thought here to a farmer sowing seeds: The jiva who has no duality realizes Me. Maheshwari as Param Sant Tutsi Saheb.

Gayatri started on the way with the words of her mother in her heart. He is very dangerous and will make the souls restless.


Your race will spread very much, but will be destroyed. Sant Kirpal Singh Ji has written: Simran Remembrance; in the writings of the Masters, refers to Remem- brance of God through the repetition of His Five Basic Names, as given in the form of a mantra by the Master at the time of initiation. Kabir dis- tinguishes carefully between the son, a lesser god who is only a reflec- tion of his father, and the father, the highest and most basic of all created beings.

Who knows whether Ramananda really stepped on Kabir Sahib or not? Well, I started my volley of questions— sagaar much so that the au- dience got tired and began to feel restless at the large number of questions I had put. Why did you create me? For privacy concerns, please view our Privacy Policy. The two that are of concern to us here are Dharam Das, who was his gurumukh successor and who is honored today especially by the members of the Kabir-panth, a religious sect in northern India it has Hindu and Muslim sections which claims to have been founded by Kabir, and Baba Nanak, the first guru of the Sikhs, who is honored today especially by the followers of the Sikh religion.

Now Dharam Das repented very much, and he thought that if his wife had not got upset at Kabir Sahib, he might have been able to get the wagar of God.

Spiritual Awakening Radio – Anurag Sagar

His story is written in the scriptures, and it tells of how he studied the holy and other books extensively and became the most learned man for many miles around, so he called himself Sarbajeet, meaning one who has won above all others. Everything was in order and the book, well packaged. Keeping the wing of mind at rest, see the Shabda; and, climbing the mind, finish your Karma.


This comes only from Sat Purush. Now what to do? His head is in the seventh heaven and his feet are in the seventh world below. By stopping himself dead for such long periods, he postponed his own fall and thus allowed the jivas that much more time with their Father before being sent into the lower worlds. The soul is of the same essence as Sat Purush and is also called Jiva- Sohang. Please note that your card will be active in the system for 30 days. It is a great mistake to assume that the Vedas proper are a spiritual document; they are not.

He is seen in the form of Light in the plane of Void consciousness, and He cannot be seen with the physical body. One of the ways in which In the Anurag Sagar Kabir goes into greater or lesser detail on each of these four incarnations, as well as his pre- incarnate activity, and his account is accepted by the Masters of Sant Mat as a straightforward accurate approximation of actions and events which are ultimately too tremendous to fit easily into our verbal and con- ceptual framework. Truth is truth, and when — if ever — the scientific discoveries are com- plete, they will demonstrate the truth behind the yuga mythos.

He is created from the most glorious part of the body of Sat Purush — that is why he troubles the soul. She was in doubt and afraid of Kal.

With the seventh Shabda, Sagaf was created, who was given per- mission to go into creation. She performs the sexual act through the eyes and in that way be- comes pregnant. Since the julahas were by definition Muslims, and since Kabir is an Islamic name anuraat is actually Arabic and is found in the Koranhis Islamic faith would appear to be beyond dispute.

Having the darshan of Sat Purush, the jivas are enjoying.

Vaasudev Singh Hardcover Edition: He did this devotion standing on one foot, and the gracious Sat Purush felt pity for him.