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1. Konfigurasi elektron unsur yang bernomor t aturan Hund, jika tiga elektron atom 23 adalah. (Ebtanas ). Ketiga aturan dijelaskan secara detail. More lessons will be added soon. ✕ Download. Asas Aufbau, Kaidah Hund, dan Asas Larangan Pauli. 0. 4 plays. . elektron Sub kulit f maksimal 14 elektron Urutan sub kulit diatas bisa ditemukan dalam diagram Mnemonik Moeler: Aturan Hund: dalam subkulit yang sama.

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In the early days of quantum mechanicsit was proposed that electrons in different orbitals are further apart, so that electron—electron repulsion energy is reduced. Thus when determining the ordering of energy levels in general only the outer valence electrons must be considered. Berdasarkan diagram di atas dapat disusun urutan konfigurasi elektron sebagai berikut: According to the first rule, electrons always enter an empty orbital before they pair up.

The electronic configuration of Si is 1s 2 2s 2 2p 6 3s 2 3p 2 see spectroscopic notation. Jasa Multimedia 10 Juni You can kind of see this if you draw out all the microstates of the 1-electron and 5-electron configurations: Ryan Dritama 1 Oktober Steph Enson 6 Desember Similarly for organic molecules, the yund rule predicts that the first triplet state denoted by T 1 in photochemistry is lower than the atjran excited singlet state S 1which is generally correct.

The first rule is especially important in chemistry, where it is often referred to simply as Hund’s Rule.

It can be understood from the classical picture that if all electrons are orbiting in the same direction higher orbital angular momentum they meet less often than if some of them orbit in opposite directions.


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Pengisan elektron dalam kotak-kotak orbital menggunakan aturan Hund. Jika yang diketahui diagram orbitalnya,bagaimana cara menentukan perioda dan golongan??? Electrons are negatively charged and, as hune result, they repel each other. The exchange energy which is favorable increases with the number of possible exchanges between electrons with the same spin and energy.

What is the term of lowest energy state?

Media Belajar Online: Konfigurasi Elektron dan Diagram Orbital

Sedangkan untuk menentukan golongan menggunakan tabel. Untuk menentukan letak periode suatu unsur relatif mudah. Aufa Ikhsan 13 Oktober There’s a Coulomb repulsion between two electrons to put them in the same orbital a spin pairing energy often discussed in Crystal Field Theory. Rank these terms associated with an electronic configuration of an atom based on energy via Hund’s rules:.

8.10: Hund’s Rules Determine the Term Symbols of the Ground Electronic States

Rank these terms associated with an electronic configuration of an atom based on energy via Hund’s rules: Konfigurasi Elektron dan Diagram Orbital. Due to the Pauli exclusion principletwo electrons wturan share the same set of quantum numbers within the same system; therefore, there is room for only two electrons in each spatial orbital.

In what order should they be filled?

Faris Zuhair 9 Desember The orbitals of the subshell are each occupied singly with electrons of parallel spin before double occupation occurs. A long time ago someone offering a reasonably simple explanation related to the fact that when the shell is more than half full, it’s easier to visualize the system as an interaction between the spin and orbital momenta of holes rather than electrons, in which case the energetic stabilization term is reversed in sign.


This rule deals with reducing the repulsion between atufan. Mohon untuk berkenan pemilik materi hhe. What matters is the aturam scalar angular momentum, not the direction.

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Unknown 16 Oktober For silicon there is only one triplet term, so the second rule is not required. Azas Aufbau menyatakan bahwa: Daffa Fatkhurrohman 13 September Sasa Ismi 30 September However, there a problem with this rule. So the expectations for Hund’s rules would be switched. Chandra Pittza 10 Juli They are also fairly reliable with occasional failures for the determination of the lowest state of a given excited electronic configuration. Lia Nurhakiki 5 Oktober Banyaknya kotak ditentukan berdasarkan bilangan kuantum magnetik, yaitu:.

Hund’s rules

It can be shown that for full orbitals and suborbitals both the residual electrostatic energy repulsion between electrons and the spin—orbit interaction can only shift all the energy levels together. However Hund’s rules should not be used to order states other than the lowest for a given configuration.

Konfigurasi elektron dalam atom selain diungkapkan dengan diagram curah hujan, seringkali diungkapkan dalam diagram orbital. Retrieved from ” https: Hund’s first rule states that the lowest energy atomic state is the one that aturaj the total spin quantum number for the electrons in the open subshell.