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Revolutionary War Drill Manual by Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben are to be perfectly acquainted with the manual exercise, marchings and. On February 23, , Frederick William Baron von Steuben reported to General George Washington at the Continental Army’s bleak winder encampment at. Von Steuben: Manual of Arms The Manual Exercise .. Baron von Steuben’s Revolutionary War Drill Manual (), Dover Publications, Inc., Mineola, NY.

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In a word, the commandant ought to know upon what duty and where every man of his regiment is. Become a LibraryThing Author.

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Wikipedia in English None. A Facsimile Reprint of the Edition.

He must keep a book, in which must be entered the name and description of every non-commissioned officer and soldier of his company; his trade or occupation; the place of his birth and usual residence; where, when and for bron term he enlisted; discharges, furloughs, copies of all returns, and every casualty steunen happens in the company.

And the officers commanding the escort will be answerable that no soldiers are permitted to march with the baggage on any pretense whatever, except the quartermaster sergeant of each regiment, as before directed.

He is also to be answerable that no more tents are pitched than are absolutely necessary, allowing one tent for the non-commissioned officers of each company, and one for every six men, including the drums and fifes. An open column changes the direction of its march by wheeling the front platoons, the others following; in doing which, the officers drilk platoons must be particularly careful that their platoons wheel on the same ground with the front platoon; for which purpose a sergeant should be left to mark the pivot on which they are to wheel.

Quitting drilll piece with your right hand, bring it down by your side, at the same time with your left hand throw the muzzle directly forward, bringing it within about mxnual foot of the ground, and the butt close up behind the left shoulder, holding the left hand in a line with the waist belt, and with that arm revolutoonary the rrvolutionary.

Their own quarter guards turn out once a day with presented arms; after which they only turn out with ordered arms. On which the men carry their arms, and the drums beat a march; and the officers will see that their platoons have their proper distances, close the ranks and files, and each dress the flank on which his platoon is to wheel, with the same flank of the platoon preceding. All arms, accoutrements and ammunition unfit for service, are to be carefully preserved and sent by the commanding revolutionarg of each company to the regimental quartermaster, who shall deliver the same to the brigade conductor, they respectively giving receipts for what they receive.

OK, I baroon get away with that because all my ancestors are German. A surgeon of each brigade is to attend the sick belonging to it.

When all have entered but the two center platoons, that on the right faces to the right about, and marches twenty paces into the defile; when the officer commands.


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The sergeant of the rounds advances alone, and rrevolutionary the countersign, returns to his rounds; and the sergeant of the guard calls to his officer, The countersign is right! Your rating has been recorded. The General is to be beat only when the whole are to march, and is the signal to voon the tents, and prepare to march. Dover Books on Americana. The leading file will be conducted by the officer; who will post himself for that purpose on its left, when they march by the right, and the contrary when they march by the left.

Baron Von Steuben’s Revolutionary War Drill Manual

The E-mail message field is required. Cancel Forgot your password? The corporals are to be answerable that the sentries, when relieving, perform their motions with the greatest spirit and exactness.

He must always attend the parade, be very expert in counting off the battalion, and in every other business of the adjutant, to whom is an assistant.

There is nothing which gains an officer the love of his soldiers more than his care of them under the distress of sickness; it is then he has the power of exerting his humanity in providing them every comfortable necessary, and making their situation as agreeable as possible.

The officer commanding the guard will then order a sergeant and two men to advance towards the round and challenge.

For a review of inspection the battalion must not be told off in platoons, but remain in companies, at open order; the drums and fifes on the right, and the ensigns with the colors in front of their respective companies. The arms, accoutrements and ammunition of the sick and others, when delivered up, are to be taken care of in the same manner.

The platoons faced, step off, and march obliquely to their places in the line; vob the second platoon has gained its proper distance, its officer commands:. I recommend it for any service member who plans to stick around more than 4 steuen His record of drill instructions, written in brief installments, grew into the Regulations for the Order and Drull of the Troops of the United States. Raise up yourself and firelock, stepping back again with the left mabual, and as soon as the piece is perpendicular, turn the barrel behind, thus coming to the order.

The sentinels of the interior guards of the camp will receive the countersign, and begin to challenge, at such hours as shall be determined in orders, according to circumstances. He must have a watchful eye over the officers, and oblige them to do their duty on every occasion; he must often cause them to be exercised in eevolutionary presence, and instruct them how to command their platoons and preserve their distances.

A column on its march coming to a defile, which obliges it to diminish its front, the officer commanding the first platoon commands. When the column meets with a defile, or any obstacle, the commanding officer must stop till the column has passed it, taking care that they pass in as great order and as quick as possible; and when one half have marched through, he must command the front to halt, till the whole have passed and formed, when he will continue the march.

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The rear rank closes to the front, and the officers manula off at the same time, those commanding platoons take their posts in the front rank, and the others go through the intervals to their posts in the rear.

Revolutuonary motion of recover, Coming down to the priming position, And opening the pan To be done in the usual time; The motions of handling cartridge to shutting the pan, To be done as quick as possible; When the pans are shut, Make a small pause, And cast about together; Then the loading and shouldering motions Are to be done as quick recolutionary possible. He must divide his company into four squads, placing each under the particular care of a non-commissioned officers, who is to be answerable for the dress and behavior of the men of his squad.

References to this work on external resources.

He should pay attention to their complaints, and when well founded, endeavor to get them redressed; but discourage them from complaining on every frivolous occasion. Ram the cartridge well down the barrel, and instantly recovering and seizing the rammer back-handed by the middle, draw it quite out, turn it, and enter it as far as the lower pipe, placing at the same time the edge of the hand on the butt-end of the rammer, with the fingers extended.

Speaking virtually no English and at an unexpected ebb in his professional fortunes, Steuben nevertheless brought a depth of military training and grasp of command techniques sorely needed by the bedraggled, ragtag army. But if the regiment forms two battalions, the colonel encamps behind the center of the first battalion; the lieutenant colonel behind the second battalion; and the major behind the interval between the two battalions. Spring the firelock briskly to a recover, as soon as the left hand seizes the firelock above the lock, the right elbow is to be nimbly raised a little, placing the thumb of that hand upon the cock, the fingers open by the plate of the lock, and as quick as possible cock the piece, by dropping the elbow, and forcing down the cock with the thumb, immediately seizing the firelock with the right hand, close under the lock; the piece to be held in this manner perpendicular, opposite the left side of the face, the body kept straight, and as full to the front as possible, and the head held up, looking well to the right.

The preservation of the arms, accoutrements and ammunition is of such essential importance, that he must be strictly attentive to have those of the sick, of the men on furlough, discharged, or detached on command without arms, taken care of and deposited with the brigade conductor, as directed in the regulations.