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Bleeding Edge [Thomas Pynchon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Thomas Pynchon’s multi-genre novel loses itself in glib in-jokes and pop-culture references, writes Talitha Stevenson. Reviewed by David Kipen. Published 50 years ago by long-gone J.B. Lippincott & Co., Thomas Pynchon’s V. wasn’t just the best first novel ever.

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Bleeding Edge, by Thomas Pynchon, review

Casual and natural because speech and thought based. Well, for once the back-cover blurb is pretty well done, if you want to go ahead and read that. With Pynchon, the mysteries tend to stay mysterious. Did I really think I was hip enough? BE makes it very clear that he’s not about that anymore, if he ever was and I don’t see how you could read V. The first 85 pages or so may have been deliberately obscure–to keep out day-trippers perhaps–but starting any book is complicated, and this has lots of characters to introduce, including the Deep Web.

The planes that hit the World Trade Center did not, despite appearances, come from nowhere, out of a clear blue sky.

Thomas Pynchon Wiki | Bleeding Edge

It’s also damned funny, riding on that typically Pynchonian mix of absurdity and pop-culture references. Another change in his writing, besides the focus on grown-up themes, is how much calmer it’s gotten, to the extent that it’s hard to believe that he once wrote books featuring immortal light bulbs, robot ducks, or sentient tornadoes.

Don’t thmas an astute review comparing this to bleefing other Pynchon novels. And this technique, writ large, is how he works at the level pjnchon paragraph and novel as well. And yet at the same time this is somehow thematically tied to the twin towers, so that when they come down, the possibilities of this new ghomas also seem increasingly to be built on very shaky ground. Better than Inherent Vicewhich was fun but, like Vineland before it, suffered from not adding a whole lot to the Pynchon canon.


Our protagonist, Maxine, reminds me of Oedipa from Crying of Lot 49 a bit, as a professional women who is gradually entangled into a conspiracy of unknowable and incorporeal proportions. There were 41 chapters in total, which made an average of about Will Jerry Seinfeld make an unscheduled guest appearance?

At some point naturally she begins to wonder if she might not be performing the same role for some face looking back out another window at her.

Like a major bank, like a marriage, Bleeding Edge is an blerding too big to fail — at least, not without grand-scale disillusionment. Maxine Tarnow is running a nice little fraud investigation business pynchoj the Upper West Side, chasing down different kinds of small-scale con artists. As America’s greatest living novelist, each book he releases feels like it should be a bombshell, ever-escalating shocks of genius radiating out for as far as there’s literary terrain left to expose to new light.

It’s got the same sort of female protagonist.

Within the tangle of gags, there is a complex plot. Well, I mean, right up to when I read Inherent Vice. Allowing the plot to remain unusually unfettered by carefully choreographed chaos and divergences, along with wrangling a comparatively small cast, allows Pynchon’s writing to take center stage in Bleeding Edge. The purpose is to get people cranked up in a certain way. The Best Books of I told you forensic accounting was hot: Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon: Sep 17, Pages.

But the book’s weight and depth both grow and grow more apparent as it goes along, though it only briefly and appropriately stops being funny.


Even in this cruder form, still dominated by IRC chat and BBS boards, the Internet still represented a faster yet pynchoj unknown means of communication. She starts looking into some small financial thing with a hot-shit web property, which is really a string that leads her into a gigantic tangled ball of lies and deceptions and insider trading and money laundering and dot.

But while his historical thomaz flout all traditional novelistic conventions by blowing them completely on their ass, the modernist novels do it in a different way, one mostly of caricaturization.

Back in the booming 90s, companies could actually inflate their stock prices by simply adding an “e-” prefix or a “. Bleeding Edge is linear and straightforward, relative to some of Pynchon’s other work, though Maxine’s quest makes for an endlessly complicating adventure with a stellar cast of supporting characters, and relentlessly multiplying red herrings.

When March says, “I gotta warn you, though, I’m not much into shopping for recreation,” Maxine gasps: The average startup party? And, as heartless and insensitive as this must sound, after I’d gathered that Islamic terrorists were supposedly behind the attack, my very next thought was “about damn time. But the Deep Web runs through this plot line as a leitmotif, and it is in these sections on the Deep Web that one finds the most compelling and seductive writing.

Since his first novel, Vcame out inwhen he was 26, Thomas Pynchon has written two kinds of book. And they’re not true. A feeling of conspiracy is one thing. What can a book contain?