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Blender Foundations has 75 ratings and 5 reviews. With the expert insight and experience of Roland Hess, noted Blender expert and author, animators and. Blender Foundations is the definitive resource for getting started with 3D art in With the expert insight and experience of Roland Hess, noted Blender expert. Read “Blender Foundations The Essential Guide to Learning Blender ” by Roland Hess with Rakuten Kobo. Blender Foundations is the definitive resource for.

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Welcome to the online companion to “Blender Foundations”. Click on the blue-buttoned chapter numbers or use the menu above to jump directly to that chapter’s content. You can click on the chapter name to show a little bit more about what’s inside. Looking for the Blender Foundation itself? The Project This is the final result of working through the book.

Install Blender Get the current version of Blender. This book was done with the daily “fresh” versions of Blender up until publication.

Chapter 1 An Introduction to 3D: Recreating the World Inside Your Computer, or Not Get acquainted with the process of working in 3D, including the basic concepts and terms.

If you don’t learn the basic elements, you might as well forget it. Chapter 3 Object and Animation Basics Once you know your way around the interface, you need to learn to move around in 3D space.


Learn the basics of object manipulation and animation. A Million to One Modeling is more than just tools. It’s knowing enough to choose the right approach for your project.

Blender Foundations

The Easiest Thing That’s Tough The lighting tools are simple, but getting good results from them takes practice, planning and knowledge. Chapter 6 Character Creation Learn how to create characters efficiently.

Chapter 7 Surfacing Roand practical guide to applying believable surfaces to your objects with a minimum of hassle. Chapter 8 Sculpting Learn to use Blender’s sculpting tools to enhance and detail your existing models.

Blender Foundations: The Essential Guide to Learning Blender by Roland Hess

Digital Orthopedia Give your character model some structure with an armature. We build a simple but effective armature for creating character animation.

Chapter 10 Shapes and Morphing Animate precise deformations of your models with the shape key system. We focus on using it to add facial expressions to our character.

Chapter 11 Character Animation: The Fun Part Learn the basic character animation tools, and how to proceed from planning through execution. You’ve already optimized your final render during the modeling, surfacing and lighting stages. Here, you’ll learn how to speed things up for all those tests you’ll be doing.


Then, push the whole thing through the compositor for even better results. Chapter 13 Environmental Animation Use Blender’s various simulators to add environmental interest to your scene. Chapter 14 Video Compilation and Final Output Learn to compile your rendered frames into an animation file, complete with sound effects, music and titles. Texture Files All of the textures for the book’s projects are right here. The lbender used throughout the book come from two sources: The Blender Texture CD is a great resource for beginners.

You can browse it freely online at tellim.

As I’ve only used a few textures from it, I’ve created a separate smaller archive so you don’t have to download the entire thing. Download these textures into that folder. Make a new folder right beside them called “models” or “blend files” or whatever floats your boat. If you plan to use the demo scene downloads from this web site instead of building your own, those. BLEND files will go in that new directory.

That way, all of the textures will link up automatically.