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In Colombia especially, Chiquita has done a lot of harm. Essays Related to Chiquita – Blood Bananas Case Study. In the banana trade for. Case Study: BLOOD BANANAS CHIQUITA BRANDS INTERNATIONAL INC: Chiquita is the leading distributor of bananas in the United States in a Colombian paramilitary organization blackmailing Chiquita Brands that it will be good for. Blood Bananas: Chiquita in Colombia. Blood Bananas: Chiquita in Colombia. case study. Mary B. Teagarden · Andreas Schotter.

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Blood Bananas: Chiquita in Colombia | The Case Centre, for educators

They had subsidiaries around the world; Colombia was one of those countries. The outcomes of saying no is getting you, your family or i kidnapped, raped or even killed in the cruelest ways possible. They have no mercy. The issue in this case is simple: Three were the possible complex solutions, 1. Say no and continue its operations as they used to. We will write a custom essay sample on Case Study: Rubik Atamian in UTPA and since the beginning of it, he thought us and wanted us to know the difference between morals and ethics.

In the accounting field, professionals are faced with these two things, that is the reason why the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed, because people had either no ethics or not proper morals.

Ethics in the other hand mean what a society believes to be a code of conduct; they can change as tradition, religion or even the nation evolves. In the Blood Bananas Case Study, ethical and moral dilemmas exist. The moral issue from my point of view is that Chiquita Brands Company may have known that if they pay the AUC they would be a part of this organization and as a consequence they would be contributing to these types of acts in Colombia and the problem would never see the light or an end.

Maybe, they knew in their morals that this was wrong, that this was not the right thing to do, that this is not the way things should be done in any place of the Earth, that it was unfair to give up a certain amount of revenue each month just because a group of people is threatening you.

The ethical dilemma is simple for me. At that time, it was common that this paramilitary organization blackmailed companies and people. The nation as a whole was contributing to these types of activities; it was common to pay certain amount of your income in order for you, your family or employees to be safe and alive.


Not even Colombian Government had colombbia way of controlling and stopping these activities. They knew what was moral but what was ethic to do at babanas time and place of the events. Evaluation of Possible Solutions Three scenarios existed, neither of them were good. However, they needed to take action, and it needed to be right away.

As I stated above the feasible solutions was either to pay, not pay or to leave the country.

The first possible solution was to pay the AUC in exchange for protection the real service was protecting Banadex from themselves. The second possible solution was to ignore them, saying no thank you and continue chiquitx daily operations. By choosing this scenario, Chiquita Brands would need to hire its own security staff and increase its operation costs in order to pay for this unexpected change in employees. The third and last possible solution was to shut down its Colombian operations and leave the country.

They obviously did not know what to do at the time.

I banans that if you have the wherewithal to pay, and it is really convenient for you to keep your business operating, do as they ask or simply leave. We know the outcomes of saying no.


I did some research and I found that Chiquita Brands chose scenario number one. They engaged in this business for eight years, from through until they confessed to the U. I believe that at the time it was the ethical thing to do given chkquita time and place of events, I am not saying it was worth it, but colomgia least it was the best solution they could find at the time. Nowadays, the same thing is happening in Mexico, it is really sad to see this happening.

I lived in Mexico for eighteen years, of which seventeen I could go out at night, go traveling anywhere in Mexico anytime of the day and feel safe in the streets without the fear of facing a shooting, an extortion or a kidnapping. However, I personally know many people that have encountered with these types of stuey. Saying no, is really and truly not an option, believe me.

Chiquita Brands Company Overview Chiquita Brands is a Global Company whose main ib and revenues come from producing and growing fruits and vegetables. It was founded by Captain Lorenzo Dow Baker in Its headquarters are located in Charlotte, North Carolina and it currently employees around 20, people all around the world, to coolmbia more specific, it has operations in six continents.


This international company is passionate about their nutritious high-quality fresh and value-added food products; they produce from banznas bananas to blends of convenient studdy salads and other fruits to healthy snacking products. They are also passionate about upholding the values which is at the very core of its company: These core values form the basis of their business inn and guide their everyday activities, including its giving programs.

They try to improve lives, love the planet and lead the industry with their purpose to: They also state that because they know they have a history, they now proudly focus on extending labor rights, protecting our environment and investing in the communities in which they live and work. They invest in having the best ads in the industry and getting more people to know them as time goes by.

This company had to learn the hard way, but there is no success if you do not encounter with a rock on your path in becoming a leader.

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Case Study: “Blood Bananas” Essay

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