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The Boss BRCD is ideal for any musician, remixer or producer looking for a versatile portable recorder with an onboard CD burner. This all-in-one. Premium Compact Flash Memory upgrade for the Boss series of digital recorders. 1GB CompactFlash Card for your BR, BR, BRCD, MC plus. Find great deals for BOSS BRCD Digital Multi Track Recorder. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Log in Become a member. This product is no longer manufactured. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review. Anyone Value For Money: Our members also liked: Sort by most recent most useful. There’s not much to add. USE It’s very easy to use. You push a track, choose the input, mic,line or jack, set the track’s level, press Rec and you’re done. You even have the possibility to move the tracks from a time code to another one using the in and out points, or seconds or tens of a second.

All that br900fd done pretty quick, there’s not much of a learning curve. There are even customizable beats. I must say, however, that it took me quite a long time to get the right volume levels, because the VU-meter bd900cd not very precise. In fact, you can let it peak without risking any distortion, which is what you have to do for the final result to have a high-enough volume. Lots of effects in general.

Besides reverb, chorus and delay. To cut it short, it gr900cd all you need. In terms of the sound alone, it’s quite all right. With a good mix, with the right volumes and pans, you can make good quality songs. I must admit that I can already see its limitations. It’s semi-pro, I think the songs sound a bit “tight,” with a slight lack of dynamism, even if you listen to them on headphones.

But it also seems logical, considering it works as an br900cv for guitar, piano, vocals, so it’s inevitable. You might get a truly optimal sound using external preamps connected to the line inputs.

User reviews: Boss BRCD Digital Recording Studio – Audiofanzine

I never did switch to computer music because this is precisely the kind of tool that allows you to do without a computer. The sound might not be the best, but it depends on what you connect it to, and since you can plug anything to it For those who don’t know, the number of tracks is unlimited.

You can record 8 tracks, bounce them, record 8 more tracks and bounce them with the ones you had already bounced before, etc. It’s portable, with batteries, it’s solid, I have never had a technical issue.

It makes recording easier. You can easily find memory cards in any shop. I recently connected a mixer to it because I think one of its limitations is that it can only amplify one instrument at a time besides guitar and vocals. This means be900cd can’t play simultaneously with a drum machine and synth going into the boss.


brr900cd It’s natural, but it annoyed me, br9000cd it’s cool. I always use it. Without my Boss, I wouldn’t be able to record anything. It’s the key element in my studio! Did you find this review helpful? What connection possibilities analog, digital, MIDI, etc. USE Is it easy to make settings? Yes and no, the console side of it is reassuring, but you really need to dive into the users manual to make the best of it.

However, it has goss to do with a computer, I managed to create a masterpiece in only one hour but the world is still not ready to listen to it Is the user’s manual clear and comprehensive?

Is it easy to access the main functions? Generally speaking, yes, the manual includes an index to go to the essentials. Concerning the COSM simulations: I haven’t used them to this day, so I can’t say much about them.

BOSS BRCD Digital Multi Track Recorder | eBay

The reproduction is excellent, if the original recording is good, obviously. I bought it secondhand and if you plan to do the same, ask the seller if he or she updated it, otherwise it’s a real pain with the compact flash cards and if you don’t have the cards, you can forget about recording anything, unless you use CDs, but then again, you have to plug it to the mains.

Go read in the forums about the cards. I used a tutorial to update mine from a CD. You can still find compatible cards available at ,,,, in Germany. The guitar effects are interesting interesting COSM functions. Some good basic effect as well. The mic effects are very, very good! I always keep my Yamaha keyboard, prodipes, echo chamber, and drum machine plugged in. A bit hard at first but then it becomes quite intuitive. It’s very useful and I recommend it for its multiple functions.

It’s really easy to use the 8 tracks 64 virtual tracks. It’s not hard to get something decent, but you’ll need to spend several hours with it to get something really good.

It’s not that straightforward, but you’ll eventually get booss. YES, but nothing beats practice.

BOSS BR-900CD Digital Multi Track Recorder

Yes and especially to record vocals, but the basic presets are pretty bad and you need to make retouches for clean guitars, although you have everything to get bosa good sound, you only need some patience and perseverance to dial it in. The guitar presets and the compact flash memory Did you try any other models before buying this one?


Not before, but I did afterwards and, overall, I’m satisfied with it. How would you rate its value for money? For bucks, you can’t go wrong. Based on your experience, would you choose this product again?

As a portable studio, certainly NOT! But after having integrated into my computer music system as a recording preamp, it has become indispensable and, despite my modest setup, it allows me to get professional-sounding recordings.

Been playing for a short while 6mthI’m pretty good so far, I sung in two bands a long time agostarted playing guitar for one recently. My band members have one, i havent afforded one yet All the effects are captivating. The LCD display could be a little bigger. This review was originally published on http: Bose machine, indestructible and very convenient and intuitive to use: I sold it for 12 tracks and I regret it because it is nomadic ideal you to record concerts I highly recommend it.

Has more effect than integrated competitors. Only flaw uses maps from M only 1 but it is not expensive. Hello, there are connectors for everything you need: I use my real tracks 6 and 4 virtual tracks on each track and it works a meirveille.

After it’s like any machine of this kind it is essential to have the manual and the option open to you but a little before trying to play and go. Manual very clear and simple. SOUNDS the sound is clear and there are several parameters to set the sound level that you want the effects are there and now available in a menu button and then the place was very fast and every effect can be reworked in multitude.

The best and see the technical details I wanted a simple and convenient way to record demos. The primary use and intuitive. After the possibilities are wide built-in effects, mixing, monitoring. The setting for the different menu and a little heavy, but with the habit, it’s okay. The effects are not too bad and they have the merit to exist.

It’s good when we walk to the right or left, we did not lugging three suitcases of matos. Une bag just portable! Purchased used on AF is great, I only use him.

I turn, and I plug op To do something more concrete, we must fiddled a bit but it fits perfectly with what I want. I would do the purchase if necessary. For all this, see the manufacturer’s site: Ultimately, a sound slightly colored, fairly accurate, which can be worked in all serenity!

It is true that this is my first model of this type, but I’m far from being disappointed!