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Exhilaration and drudgery, passion and exhaustion, exist side by side for dancers in the exalted Manhattan Ballet, a world unto itself, which. Summary: A quiet but very realistic look at the struggle ballet dancers have and what happens when a girl has to choose between her career. Bunheads by Sophie Flack is a young adult novel inspired by the author’s experiences as a New York City Ballet dancer. The book Bunheads is not related the.

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Bunheads by Sophie Flack. You can read more book reviews or buy Bunheads by Sophie Flack at Amazon. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

Nice review, by the way – you are at your most eloquent on bok stuff you don’t like ; My leaps are abysmal. I also loved the love interest in this book Jacob and wanted Hannah to be with him pretty much from the moment they met!

How I wanted to look so stunning, so long, and to be singled out as she was. Although, many aspiring young girls dream of dancing for a bunhezds ballet company, like Hannah the main character, there is no denying you must make difficult choices if you want to be promoted to soloist.

But performing is only one aspect of the job. She and Jacob obok a tenuous relationship, but she is so unbelievably busy that weeks will go by with no contact except perhaps a text message or two.


It’s all I have. Bunheads is a reminder that the bad novels aren’t the ones with silly, melodramatic action sequences at least those hold our attention or lazy, archetypal characters who we roll our eyes at, but keep reading, because at least the plot’s exciting.

Hannah’s friendships are typical of an environment that’s quite female dominated and very competitive. Bunheadshowever, is truly badly written. It might’ve been that it was this chick’s first novel, and she had an extremely impressive autobiography on the back with a face that Kim Kardashian would be jealous of, or that I I picked this book up with no expectations. How little she knows of the city she’s lived in for five years. Explore the Home Gift Guide. How she yearns for something more but unwilling to sacrifice what she has worked so hard to accomplish.

Nov 30, Lessa rated it did not like it Shelves: With the Metropolitian Ballet and its Academy standing in for New York City Ballet and its School of American Ballet, we also get a great behind-the-scenes look at the lives of those girls, the ones that really pursued the dream to become the ballerina many of us wanted to be when we were younger but d full disclosure: This was a pretty pleasant read that kept me entertained and plenty to think about.


Get to Know Us.

I just saw a gif on Facebook that said “I have a sleep disorder. Apparently, this book also has a lot of likeness to Black Swan though toned downthough I’ve never watched it – so if you liked that, check this out!

Bunheads by Sophie Flack – Everyday Reading

The majority of those who sit in the audience of a ballet rarely see more than movement and tulle; reading Sophie’s story, you’ll get a sense of the physical and emotional sacrifice that these girls make in order to achieve any kind of status in this cultish world of dance. The bad novels are the ones where nothing works; nothing comes together. Joie de Livre Preach!! Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

There she meets Jacob, an NYU student who is still struggling to find his groove in life and who is also a singer at the restaurant. Leni is the oldest of them, and knows she will never be more than corps. I’ve never been particularly interested in the ballet, but this book gave a very fascinating insight into the dancing world.

Most of us have multiple bunhedas and many of us work in other fields that we love. Also, the way Black Booo turned out would be pretty unlikely in the real world – dancers only murder each other in episodes of Law and Order – if there was a murder ring going on in the New York ballet scene I’m sure it would be an international scandal that no one could keep quiet.

Will she booo the unthinkable and give up her career, or pass up the chance of love in the hope of gaining success in the ballet world. The Love Interest I was impressed that she managed to throw in a complete love triangle in a solo novel. Jacob has opened her eyes to the world outside of ballet.

Hannah also meets a balletomane, Matt, who is able to wine and dine her, and who – unlike Jacob – understands her schedule. I didn’t really think I’d like this book, I have to admit. Hannah has dedicated her life to dance — she moved out of home at fourteen to board at dance school in New York.


Up until now, Hannah has happily devoted her entire life to ballet. Things like the way the dancers are constantly being weighed, the way it is practically forbidden to grow breasts, the long, exhausting hours they have to put in when there’s no guarantee they’ll ever make the big parts The bar was set so low, there was no bar.

So when I was reading this book, it was more than that. It was a nice break from the usual books I read and the story was wonderful. It would be very easy to find some high drama in it to write a shocking novel around – backstabbery, injuries, life-threatening dieting, exhausting, endless rehearsals – Bunheads is a very subdued, gentle novel about ballet dancing.

The theatre must seem like a magical world to her — I know it did to me. Or will she continue her obsessive routine and maybe become a star at the cost of misery and probable anorexia, with her shallow rich boyfriend who loves ballet and never makes any demands on her that would interfere with her career? She is also beginning to experience curiosity about what happens outside of the rehearsal hall. I don’t need perfect characterisation.

Her knowledge of the life in an elite ballet company shines through. I was eagerly anticipating this book being published in the UK after hearing rave reviews of it from many international reviewers. The novel wasn’t so much focused on the struggles of being a dancer but rather with how Hannah and her friends dealt with them and how they grew and developed in such a disciplined situation. Pouring over catalogs, magazines, and the few dance books I could get access to in semi-rural Virginia, I strived for ballet success.

In Mattie, Hannah remembers what it was to think of dancing and ballet in a dreamy way; before the backstabbing, long hours and poor castings; I look down at this smiling little girl in her pigtails and dirty tutu. A Dancer’s Journalborn of similar frustration, is one of the best dance books ever published. Overall I thought that Bunheads was a really unique contemporary read. Posted by About me at