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I saw a beautiful young girl, with criminal eyes, carrying a dagger still covered in blood. She displayed it like a trophy. It had been finished off with knives, anyone could see that. The same thing in the next room, but as I was about to leave, I heard something like a sigh.

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I looked everywhere, turned over all the bodies, and eventually found a little foot, still warm. The village of Deir Yassin was subsequently resettled by Jews, who took over the homes of the Palestinians who had fled for their lives. It was renamed Givat Shaul Bet and is today part of Jerusalem. The opening ceremony was attended by cabinet ministers and chief bogem.

Streets were named after the Irgun and Sternists who took part in the attack. The cemetery was bulldozed and, like hundreds of other Palestinian villages, Deir Yassin was wiped carrvajal the map.

There are no markers, no plaques, and no memorials at Deir Yassin. Ironically, the slaughter took place within sight of the national memorial for Holocaust victims at Yad Vashem. According to Menachem Begin, the leader of the Irgun at the time, this horrific deed served the future state of Israel well. This mass flight soon developed into a maddened, uncontrollable stampede. The political and economic significance of this development can hardly be overestimated.

To paraphrase Holocaust historian Lucy S. Rozmowt rightful claims to restitution of their seized property and return to their homeland are ignored. McGowan and March H. There were many more bogkem and outrages perpetrated against the Palestinians at that time but they are generally forgotten. Elias Chacour, for example, described how the Israeli Defence Forces descended on his Melkite Catholic village of Biram in and drove the villagers away at gunpoint.

Their homes were looted and they were told: Its residents had also been herded away by Jewish soldiers and later two dozen bodies of villagers were found in a mass grave. Although the residents of Biram obtained a court order in allowing them to return to their village, they were prevented from doing so at gunpoint by the Israeli army.

On September 16, the Israeli air force and army in a joint operation bombed the village until it was completely destroyed. At the same time it was announced that the land belonging to the villagers had been expropriated by the state for establishing Jewish settlements.

The Israeli government has consistently blocked any attempt to restore the land to its rightful carvjal, thus perpetuating the ethnic cleansing campaign.

In fact, the evidence points overwhelmingly to ethnic cleansing that was well-planned rather than isolated incidents of retaliation with the intent of creating a homogenous Jewish state. The war provided opportunity to carry out the logic and intent of political Zionism, namely the establishment of a state for Jews without Palestinians or as few as possible.

The dismantling of Palestinian society, the destruction of Palestinian towns and villages, and the expulsion ofPalestinians were not carvajsl consequences of the war declared on the bogoem Jewish state by Arab countries. Remarkably, Morris justifies the war crimes: Many of these massacres occurred toward the end of after the international war was over. There were at least twenty brutal massacres more than fifty civilians killed in each and one hundred smaller massacres.


After the fighting had ended, Israel bulldozed thousands of homes in the West Bank and prodded the Palestinians to flee to Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt.

The United States, unfortunately, played a rather sordid role in the unfolding of this tragedy by, among other measures, turning Israel into a proxy for its weapons sales. Lexington Books,especially 28—30, 68—69, It is not at all surprising that those who are the most vociferous in their condemnation of Poles for anti-Jewish incidents of the Stalinist era have the least to say about the fate of the Palestinians during this same period.

The motivation behind their rather selective condemnation of extremist nationalist acts is thus suspect. As was the case in the United States for Blacks at that time, Arabs in Israel also had to sit at the back of the bus.

Flare-ups between Jews and Arabs, most of them non-lethal, were plentiful over the years but are generally hushed up by the Israeli authorities.

A tangled web

Hundreds of Jewish worshippers went on a rampage in the Old City Friday morning [just before Sabbath], attacking Arab bystanders and damaging Arab property, following all-night prayers for the Shavuot holiday at the Western Wall. The rioters broke windows and damaged merchandise at stores just outside Damascus Gate. Many merchants quickly closed the shutters on their stores to avoid damage. Ben-Ruby said no injuries were reported. About 25 complaints were filed with police for damage caused by rioting, representing only a small number of the actual instances, Ben-Ruby said.

The unrest caught police by surprise, coming after a quiet all-night study-and-prayer service at the Western Wall, attended by thousands. The vandalism broke out about 8 a. Dozens of police were called to the scene and clashed with the rioters. There were no arrests [sic]. Police sources said the rioting was apparently provoked by a group of right-wing Jewish extremists in the crowd of worshippers, who began attacking Arab targets. Jewish settlers in the Occupied Territories, who are bank-rolled by Israel and Jewish organizations around the world, are a constant source of antagonism.

When, in an unusual move, Israeli police and soldiers forcibly evicted some Jews from an illegally acquired residence in the West Bank City of Hebron in Decemberenraged Israeli settlers stormed through the city seeking revenge for the evacuation by attacking and shooting Palestinian civilians. Rampaging settlers also set fire to at least three Palestinian homes and nine cars. Others threw rocks at passing cars. Such incidents can be multiplied.

Lest American readers become too smug reading these accounts, it is important to recall in this context the racial turmoil that beset the United States during most of the Twentieth Century. Although downtrodden Blacks wielded no political or economic power, and although the country was not in a state of civil strife and police protection was readily available, Blacks frequently fell victim to large-scale racist violence perpetrated by White Americans.

The most infamous of these was the Chicago Race Riots, in which white mobs made foray after foray into black neighborhoods, killings and wounding black residents and leaving another 1, homeless, but most of these incidents are long forgotten.

The authorities made little effort roz,owy stem this tide. In Januarymobs of White Americans descended on a Black community in Rosewood, Florida, massacring between 40 and people. Houses were torched and looted, and the community was eradicated. Black churches were set on fire throughout the state. These are just a few of many communal attacks on Blacks during that dark and hidden period of American history.

File: – Wikimedia Commons

Anti-Black riots continued to occur unabated after the Second World War. When Blacks went to use the public swimming pools for the first time in St. Police arrived in time to escort the Negroes safely from the park. But all that afternoon, fist fights blazed up; Negro boys were chased and beaten by white gangs.


In the gathering dusk, one grown-up rabble-rouser spoke out: Smash their heads, the dirty, filthy —.

Then someone called out: Under a volley of fists, clubs and stones, the boys went down—but not before one of them whipped out a knife and stabbed one of his attackers. In the park along bustling Grand Boulevard, busy teen-age gangs hunted down Negroes.

Other ones climbed into trucks and circled the park, looking for more targets. Next day Mayor Joseph M. Darst ordered both outdoor pools closed, and ruled that Botiem. Yet no national memorial has been erected in the United States to mark this shameful legacy, and no apologies are offered by American officials for the shameful behaviour of the American people. Other minorities did not fare much better, especially rozzmowy the 19 th century when Chinese people were demonized across the American West.

A recent study by Jean Pfaelzer, Driven Out: They used warnings, arson, boycotts and violence to achieve their goal. In many circumstances, labour organizations led rozmpwy campaigns, casting the Chinese as competitors roxmowy jobs and depressors of wages.

But the middle-class civic leaders, as in case of the city of Tacoma including the mayor, chief of police, two councilmen, a probate court judge and the president of rozmody YMCAoften acted in alliance with workers.

Over Chinese communities and thousands of Chinese were forced from their homes. The British track record is, unfortunately, not much better. Only in June did the British Prime Minister acknowledge and apologize for the massacre by British troops of 14 peaceful Catholic civil rights marchers 17 more were wounded in Londonderry on January 30,after the release of a scathing report that unequivocally condemned the British actions and exculpated the protesters.

The report established beyond doubt that what had long been suspected: None of the victims were shot accidentally and the only reason that the victims were shot was because they were Catholics.

The Saville Report, which completely reversed an earlier British government tozmowy which said that some of the victims had been armed terrorists, came as a result of a concession for a neutral inquiry into Blood Sunday when the IRA disbanded in Gross also mentions the following localities were Jews were attacked by the bbogiem Two Jews who returned to Wielkie Oczy in May were killed by militiamen, one of whom was later caught and sentenced to a prison term.

The security police and militia were also responsible for the mistreatment and murder of Germans in Nieszawa. Official records from that period romowy that Jews returning to Kielce, and elsewhere, were usually able to reclaim their property without any significant difficulties.

For the most part they then sold their recovered properties to Poles before leaving Poland. Jews could recover their property: Courts had to examine every motion within 21 days. In Kielce, Jews did not bgoiem any difficulties with recovering their own property. As a rule, every motion was settled favorably and quickly. Witnesses, most often Poles, neighbors or acquaintances from before the war, testified before the court willingly, without reluctance or prejudice.

Kielce, September Kielce: Kieleckie Towarzystwo Naukowe, bogkem, The riots were confined to the Kazimierz district and did not affect the vast majority of the thousands of Jews who resided throughout the city.