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Elena Fortún has 30 books on Goodreads with ratings. Elena Fortún’s most popular book is Celia en la revolución (Celia, #21). ELENA FORTÚN (). Se dedicó preferentemente a la literatura para niños. Sus títulos más conocidos son: Celia en el colegio, Celia institutriz. Results 1 – 12 of 37 Cuchifritín el hermano de Celia / Cuchifritin Celia’s Brother (Spanish Edition). Jun 30, by Elena Fortún.

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Living with her uncle, Celia spends many days without the company of boys and girls her own age, but rather that of older people.

Following an eventful summer at the beach and the Spanish countryside, Celia’s mother, with some help from her sister-in-law Julia, convinces her husband to have the eelna sent off to a conventwhere they hope she’ll learn discipline and good behaviour.

Elena Fortún

Celia sees this as an opportunity to “prepare” her friends for summer and soon sets about cutting rlena cat Pirracas’ and “Miss Nelly”, the teddy bear ‘s fur. Pages to import images to Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The man is dismayed when Madre Loreto answers the door and the girl walks in without saying goodbye. Celia is the favorite among many of her classmates, but she does have many quarrels with a few other girls who find her behaviour disruptive and inappropriate.

Oculto foetun Hidden Path. The girls hide their kittens in their desks during class, and setting them free one at a time, they disrupt the Madre Superior’s lecture.

Celia en el colegio Cover of the first edition of Celia en el colegio Celia, heartbroken with the news, cleverly alters her rhyming lines in the play in order to announce to the entire audience how her parents were leaving for China and leaving her behind.

Celia continues wanting to become a saint; she visits Don Restituto daily to confess her sinseven when she has nothing to confess.

At the school, Celia has many difficulties adapting to the strict rules of the nuns and is often reprimanded by Madre Loreto, whom Celia describes as “very strict and scolds much”. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Different editions and reprints of the book featured artwork from different illustrators; the most recent editions featured Molina Gallent ‘s artwork, while older editions featured that of M.

Her uncle asks her to behave when he takes her out with his friends to restaurants or to the park, but Celia hesitates; the grown-ups she spends time with make such curious, sometimes silly, remarks that Celia feels she must have a say in their conversation.


Celia en el colegio – Wikipedia

Rather than return home, Celia and her uncle and invited to spend Christmas with Dortun family in a grand castle, where Celia again stirs up plenty of trouble. Celia’s mother and father have little time to spend with their daughter; she is away visiting friends or out shopping and often comes home very late at night, living Celia in charge of Miss Nelly, the English governesswhile he is busy attending to his work in his office.

Following the end of the term, the other girls leave the convent, but Celia is left there with the nuns since her parents have left the country hoping to find a better job elsewhere and earn money to stabilize themselves economically. At the circus, Celia is happy to see Coralinda performing. The World of Celia. Celia, lo que dice.

In her imagination, she convinces Coralinda’s father to take her along with them, and tells his daughter that she must find her parents. A married peasant woman named Rafaela hires Celia and agrees to pay her three Spanish pesetas for her services. When summer ends, Celia is taken to a convent where her parents hope she’ll learn good behavior.

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Views Read Edit View history. Celia is a seven-year-old girl living with her family in her home located in a street, la Calle Serrano, in MadridSpain. Spanish children’s writers Exiles of the Spanish Civil War in Fotun births deaths Women in war — Women in war in Spain Women children’s writers Spanish women writers Spanish women novelists Spanish women short story writers Writers from Madrid 20th-century Spanish novelists 20th-century women writers Exiles of the Spanish Civil War in France 20th-century short story writers.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Celia watches a group of gypsies bringing their circus to town.

Elena Fortún – Wikipedia

To me this generation represents more than anything the struggle of Spain to reach modernity and I believe there is a lot to be learned from their work and their feminist views. We mustn’t take advantage of them, we mustn’t trick them, we mustn’t give them just anything. She didn’t ask where her mother was or anything. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

The woman’s shrieks of horror make the nuns believe that she has indeed contracted rabies and the woman is locked inside the room until the doctor arrives. La elegida entre 2.

Celia has a way of questioning everything around her, in a way of childish innocence, as well as ingenuity; she wonders about the identity of the Three Wise Menfor instance, and the strange ideas and thoughts that adults tend to say.


Celia is unsuccessful, but she soon learns that though her father misses her, he is willing to allow her to stay at the school, which is good for Celia, who actually enjoys her new home.

Elena Fortun and Celia, Feminist Writing, Children’s Literature and Spanish History

While under the care of Miss Nelly, whom Celia cannot stand, or Juana, the maid, Celia often finds ways to get into all sorts of scrapes, though mostly unintentionally. Just as much as she had to hide to write so that her husband did not see her, she also had to hide to love; the process of understanding and coming to terms with her way of feeling love happened hidden. During those days, Celia and the old woman visit a circus, and from there Celia imagines all sorts of tales following her imaginary escape with the gypsies tales she narrates in Celia, novelista.

The World of Celia.

Celia is vortun to the bedroom by Madre Loreto, ceila before going to sleep, she begins writing on her new book. Celiq aunt and Rodrigo’s sister, Julia, arrives just in time to help Celia’s cause, but soon the aunt contributes to a lot of bothersome hassle within the French villa.

Rodrigo rewards Celia’s nobility by presenting her with the most valuable present he had in store for the girls, an elegant blue necklace. Celia pulls out her book and begins writing a story about how she ran away with the gypsies hoping to find her parents on their way to China. In she returned to Spain to negotiate the possibility of an amnesty for her husband. The World of Celia. Celia is returned home and is received by looks of forutn from her family; aunt Julia’s old suggestion of sending Celia to a convent is considered once again by Celia’s parents.

Manuel Aguilar Alianza Editorial Cover of the first edition of Celia en el mundo Celia runs from the stage in tears and the festivity is brought to a dramatic end. The creator, Borau, directed and produced the series. During the Spanish transition to democracy, when I was 9 years old, my mother bought me a book about a girl who had lived in Madrid many years ago.