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Census Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA) Reference Maps – Illinois. The total number of map sheets is listed next to each entity name. The version of Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) is the lowest level of PUMA can be downloaded from the Census Bureau’s Reference Map. The version of Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) is the lowest level of geography identified in the census 5% sample and the For example, in the 3-year ACS sample, PUMA codes are reported for State, PUMA and Super-PUMA Maps, Detailed contents of PUMAs and super-PUMAs.

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Like census tracts, many PUMAs retain their definitions across decades. However, there are population restrictions for the data. For background of the details of California, see the spreadsheet or map that shows the sizes of California counties, based mlcrodata Census Estimates. Notice that there are missing values in Column L for all counties of populations of less than cenxus, The counties are shaded based on their population sizes: PUMAs may not cross state boundaries.

In addition, sometimes items are not available in the tabular data. The differences are not just in the specific geographic boundaries, but in the guidelines used to create them as well.

Creating County-Level Statistics from Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAS)

These are just the lines of the report dealing with the first five values of the source geocode, which is called microdzta in Geocorr. This page was last edited on 19 Januaryat Why would you care or ever need to know this?


If you click on the listing report format link you should see a report, the first few lines of which should look like this:. Primary statistical area list Combined statistical area Core-based statistical area list Metropolitan statistical area list Micropolitan statistical area list New England city and town area Urban microdatx list.

The 3-digit geographic summary level code for a PUMA is It provides information regarding the PUMA’s location by indicating intersections with other more familiar geographies.

Public Use Microdata Area – Wikipedia

In Missouri only we created an informal table that assigned a short descriptive name to each of the Missouri PUMAs. The first “alloc factor” column has a value of 0. The SAS data set version is accessible using our Dexter utility access corrlst. Each PUMA contains at leastpeople. These labels have been quite useful agea reports that display data at the PUMA level. Export it as a csv database file.

There have been some very noteable changes. See more detailed discussion, below. They are similar to census tracts in this regard.

It is like somebody ran a bunch of Geocorr runs see below for a description of the Geocorr arez and merged them altogether in this single resource.


Congressional district County list Alaska census area Independent city Municipio Place Census-designated Public use microdata area School district lists State legislative district Urban growth area.

Block Block group Tract. From the Select one or more target geographies: Data published for vintage years and earlier use the old PUMAs as the units. They all end up with the densus value on vacancy rates using this method. In your browser a page will be generated summarizing the results and providing hyperlinks to the two output Files.

Public Use Microdata Area

pumx For instance, Nevada County has a vacancy rate of PUMAs are redefined every ten years in conjunction with the decennial census. Where population constraints permit, they should not cross metropolitan area boundaries. Ignore the rest of the options. Only seven of the 55 counties of West Virginia were large enough to receive estimates from the ACS. This example shows us how to relate the PUMA areas to counties.

But normally we prefer a map product that can show us an entire state’s worth of PUMAs or a metro region overview.

The last column, county to puma12 alloc factor, is the allocation factor going the other way.