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Really liking Chris Perrins’ Mecha. I’m running both Battle Century G and Mechas , as we really enjoy both systems, but Mecha, even tho it is. Mecha RPG Softcover has 10 ratings and 6 reviews. Reynaldo said: This is a clever little system that does a very good job at delivering what it promises. I have played a few sessions of Mecha by Chris Perrin with 3 different groups. Mecha is a honest game who have it flaws but who is also quite.

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You have have any world building stuff that needs tried out now or eventuallyI’m happy to be a lab rat. I look forward to setting down with the gaming group and giving this system a whirl. Mecha Setting Creation Edited for Vanilla link wonkiness.

A good RPG title. The scarcity of the section on setting creation…guilty. I have seen them in play. I’ll see if the artist that drew it can clean up the gray at the very least.

Mecha by Chris Perrin: still supported?

Included are three very good settings, two of which are extremely creative and interesting. Please refrain from personal attacks and discriminatory racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.

Definitely something to looking into. Pilots will soon learn that w Metal and Flesh In battlefields on Earth, in space, and on realms known only to imagination, brave men and women answer the call of fate. It felt to us that removing 1 factor could be good.

Hey Paul, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. They add a lot of color to the game. Creating a setting alone as the GM work fine, but it would help to have some tools to create a setting together as a group.

But sadly weapon damage types only come up when someone use the defender configuration. The art suffices, and while their is a lot of variety in the human characters presented, I think the book would have benefited from seeing more styles of mecha to go along with them.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She spends a point of Overdrive to activate it. Lists with This Book. Tactical Waypoint Capture is pretty much a must: We were tempted to hack the game by simply removing all the skills and just using a target number of 3 for all the tests and letting the attribute and the number of success determine the mechs difficulty. As for some of pdrrin flaws you point out, you make really excellent points that Chriis would like to address and get some clarification on.

Because character with a rating 1 skill pperrin VERY clumsy, socially inept, stupids, etc. In this case, I think your confusion is warranted because I had a clear picture in my head of the way the Configurations worked and I assumed that everyone shared the vision in my head. When it was clear that we were dreadfully outmatched, none of us could roll high enough to even be allowed to try and run away, resulting in a TPK.

Dave Michalak on June 24, Nope. There was a consistent formatting error in my book that was minor but impossible to ignore.

[Chris Perrins’ Mecha] Got the game, loving it so far but I need help to patch some issues : rpg

Now I find myself wanting to create a setting that’s William Hope Hodgson’s The Night Land as made into a Mecha anime by someone not particularly respectful of the original. Thanks for the setting creation ideas. I hope soon to share more good news.

If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! But if I do end up building it, I’ll let you know. Later, she activates the configuration again, but this time links Will to Armor. Submit a new link.

I think our battles lasted rounds on average. Really liking Chris Perrins’ Mecha. Jan 30, Chris Perrin rated it it was amazing. In other words, when considering a “stunt” that uses movement to attack, you or, at least, I think of a fast mech using its speed and maneuverability as a weapon. Too much grey area to write on, it become a mess when you erase stuff. Maybe Wolf’s Dragoons vs. I understand your frustration with low target numbers, but part of the reason they are there is to emulate the fact that in mecha anime, characters tend to have something they do really well schmooze, make cool gadges, etc.


The RPG This is mecha-style anime role playing at its finest. To be honest, in terms of World Building, I haven’t really thought about it since publication. I will be more than happy to add more tables if they will help.


One of the prepackaged SRSes omitted the Skill Points for the archetypes and so it may not be readily apparent as it should be that EVERY archetype is built off of having 8 points divvied amongst the skills and 3 to spend as the character wants. March edited March I’m realizing that the mechanics of some configurations give me a totally different picture than is presented by the “flavor” or even name of that configuration.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. About what I have pointed out, note that I don’t see those points as flaws, but as stuff that like I said could “receive more love”. This may account for why there are only 2. The rules light approach to mecha combat is impressive as is the play style where characters select their role playing scene in every episode. It drive the narration forward and it help to define what going on the next table turns.