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Computer Hardware Servicing NC II Reviewer – Free download as Word Doc . doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. through my experience, passing the TESDA NC II Computer Hardware Servicing Exam is not really difficult as long as you follow these. Computer Hardware Servicing – NC2 Reviewer. and basic outline of the examination of TESDA in Computer Hardware andServicing NC II 1.

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Hi, it’s been a long time since I updated and post here in my blog. But today, I’m going to unleash what you’re longing for: To pass this assessment you need the following: Make sure you are knowledgeable about static electricity or ESD, why do I say that?

Because I see some candidates or students taking this for granted and the result? The computer have been damaged and can’t even boot in BIOS settings.


Make sure you are familiar in the connection of Front Panel Led’s in the motherboard because not all mobo have the same standard in connecting this wire s.

And take note some Assessor are very strict on this part, though your PC is working they will not accept incorrect connection. Being nervous is really part of taking the assessment. Pif you’re not then good for you: This is the easiest part, just make sure you install the operating system in its right location I mean Drive C: If you failed on this one it will consume your time, always remember that the assessment has a time duration.

Use a good crimping tool and punch down tool Create network cables slowly but surely but make sure it will not take too long, we have time duration remember?

TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track) | CNCTC, Inc.

Make sure you memorize the wiring arrangement of creating straight-thru and crossover cables You must be revirwer in configuring wireless router For Server Setup: You should know how to configure the following: You should know how to: This will be based in all the tasks that you will undergo in the assessment and some theoretical knowledge when you are in college or training: CCleaner Disk Defragmenter Ex.


Defragler System Restore Restorepoint Tip: Bring your own Crimping Tool, hate to say this but some assessment center tools like this one is dull. Assemble a Desktop Computer and configure the system. Install Operating System and Device Drivers.

Hope it helps, stay tune for the updates: Stay tune for the updates of my blog. I will post information about: