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SDN and NFV deployments are introducing network operators to a DevOps-style culture for integrating network resources and developing new services. This eBook offers an entry-level overview of NFV and SDN for anyone seeking a better understanding of these innovative and evolving networking technologies. Explore Ciena services, open-source projects, partnerships, and its next-gen technology, including the areas of SDN, NFV, 5G, IoT, Edge Computing, and Secur.

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Sales and support Sdj Toll-free number International number. Join the Ciena community Learn more. Additional searches Loading organic suggestions With the kind of centralized control an SDN-based network provides, bandwidth management, restoration, security, and policies can be highly intelligent and optimized—and an organization gains a holistic view of the network.

Finally, from within the SDN, intelligent network services and applications can run within a common software environment. As a result, network operators can tailor the behavior of their networks to support new services, and even individual customers. Visit our community Cieha support.


Are you a current Ciena customer? Top searches Loading static suggestions Email Toll-free number International number. View all network insights. Connect with Ciena Learn more about us. So how can you reconcile the demand to cut costs with the need to compete and grow at such astounding rates?

Essential Series: NFV and SDN Guide for Carriers and Service Providers – Ciena

There was a problem with your video. Need more comprehensive visibility into your network infrastructure? Here’s some useful cisna. Written by Abel Tong, Sr. Openness comes from the SDN approach itself.

SDN is built on logically centralized network topologies, which enable intelligent control and management of network resources. I understand I can unsubscribe at any time. Enterprises, carriers, and service providers are being surrounded by a number of competing forces. Increase your knowledge on these two hot topics and get the answers to: What Is Intelligent Automation? SDN and NFV deployments are introducing network operators ceina a DevOps-style culture cienq integrating network resources and developing new services.


Join the Ciena community Learn more. I understand I can unsubscribe at any time. Can we help you answer a question? Another version is available.

How SDN Works

Meanwhile, DevOps-style programmability gives you greater control, agility, and self-sufficiency. Virtualization Review Sign up for our newsletter.

Visit our community Contact support. We’re happy to help!

July 4, 1: I agree to subscribe to Ciena’s communications. Are you a current Ciena customer?

Chalk Talk – Software-Defined Networks (SDN)

Migrating away from legacy networking technologies is always a challenge but done right, the process can lead the way to better and higher performing infrastructure that benefits end users and operators alike. Subscribe Ask the community. SDN enables the programming of network behavior in a centrally controlled manner through software applications using open APIs. What is Edge Cloud?