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The idea for the book Dialectic Spiritualism emerged in when Srila Prabhupada asked his secretary, Syamasundara dasa, about Western. Dialectic Spiritualism a Vedic View of Western Philosophy. A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. (). Like. Recommend. Bookmark. DIALECTIC SPIRITUALISM. A VEDIC VIEW OF. WESTERN face the Hare Krishna guru,. His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

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Hence, bhaktas have the right to do purva paksha, only the requisite skills need to be developed.

I have written this blog for 6 years. My earlier investigations were into religious traditions and debates, from the point of view of upholding the doctrines of my institution. In the West, mainstream meant becoming acceptable to the academicians, theologians and politicians.

My immediate goal, however, is to complete my research on China and establish myself as a scholar. Bhagavaan saare vastuo kaa palaan karte hain. It will be interesting to see how his fights pan out. Sikhs have contributed to freedom struggle, national defence, agricultural revolution and industrial innovation. At least, Mayavadis accept that Krishna is a direct Saguna manifestation of Nirguna Brahman, in other words, a form of God.

Mr Fatah claims to be a follower of Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru, as they laid the foundation for a modern nation state in India, unlike Md.

Dialectic Spiritualism : A Vedic View of Western Philosophy

We don’t recognise the validity of any religion that doesn’t conform to Shruti-Smriti. On this point, they betray the Vaishnava Siddhanta.

It is specifically closer to a stream of Sufi thought that God can be realised within the depths of our mind and any doctrine, ritual or symbol is eialectical dispensable indicator to the true path. We need to rethink the relationship among the various traditions according to the contemporary conditions.


You gave me goosebumps.

After writing about my ideological journey of the last 6 years, I feel relieved. Many of these records are controversial and contradictory because they were spoken in jest, tongue in spirituallsm or meant for a particular situation.

Sikhism is a separate religion, it is neither Abrahamic nor Brahmanic. India is an artificial entity put together by the British imperialists. Our law enforcement agencies are capable of handling any terrorist linkages. Posted by Saurav Sarmah at 4: Or philosophy of religion. We have our own religion called Gaudiya Vaishnavism, we are a Brahminical religion because our religion is based on Shruti-Smriti.

Yajna, Svadhyaya, Dhyana and Bhakti. Prabhupada spoke of Jesus and Mohammad as devotees of Krishna and Avesha incarnations beings empowered by Krishna to perform special missions.

Otherwise, we shall be divided into tiny countries with no international power. Therefore the ultimate goal is Krishna. So really all these philosophies created prabhupaca imperfect persons are imperfect and are really useless in understanding Krishna.


Ali Jinnah, who never condemns the doctrine of armed Jihad and Sharia law and who denounces his Hindu ancestry, is afflicted by the disease. But I think the public opinion does not favour it in this case.

I pray to Radha-Krishna to keep me engaged in the service of their devotees and holy names. Notwithstanding the results, the intellectual rigour put by Dr Swamy into these public causes is inspirational. Rup-Sanaatan Goswaami, do bhaai jo Bangaal sarkaar ke sabse bade mantri the. The Vedic view clashes fiercely with such relativistic thinking. So i am or was confused about the definition of philosophy. May be government had some intelligence reports in this case, linking these students to terrorist outfits, hence the crack down.


Uttar – Kyunki ye mahaan bhakt satyanishth, gyanvaan aur anubhavi the, isliye mujhe bharosaa hai ki inhone bhagavaan ke saath apne saakshaatkaar kaa satya vyaakhyaan kiyaa hogaa. We Respect Your Privacy! Uttar – Main sporitualism bhagavaan ke pratinidhi maanta hun. The Gaudiya acharyas rejected the existing consensus – condemning Mayavada, arguing that Krishna is the source of all incarnations, etc.

Dialectic Spiritualism – A Vedic View of Western Philosophy – PDF Download |

I kept a distance from the campus and did not care about the anti-Hindu propaganda. Uttar – Shrishti me bahut saare vastu hai, jinke upar bhagavaan bahut prakaar se kripaa karte hain.

Even in the political aspect, there has been a close co-operation with Mayavada, ever since the time militant Akhadas were established to fight against the Muslims. This platform of jnana is higher then the platform of karma. After becoming a Nyayika, we went to Varanasi to do Purva Paksha study of Advaita Vedanta, instead he converted to that tradition and became a Dashanami Sannyasi. And another person tells i talk also talks about philosophy and says God is not absolute truth.

Posted by Saurav Sarmah at 3: