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The Deal Or No Deal presenter has warned of mankind’s greatest danger, but it’s OK as ‘there isn’t such a thing as death’. Various studies warn of the dangers of Wifi, especially for children and adolescents. Nevertheless, the introduction of Wifi is planned at schools. The term electromagnetic smog refers to all artificially generated electromagnetic fields in the environment and the resulting permanent exposure of people and.

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Terahertz underdamped vibrational motion governs protein-ligand binding in solution. DNA strands break when exposed to radiation.

Electrosmog and autoimmune disease

The damage occurred after an exposure of just two hours. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

When the VDR is not activated, this carboxyl group binds with the lysine to its left LYS and cannot position the coactivator where it needs to be for proper gene transcription. Research clearly shows that Bees and Butterflies are sensitive to ennvironment fields. In connection with mobile phone radiation, they are extensively studied in international research efforts. Journal of Experimental Biology, vol. For each of our dozens of experiments, we computedemulation steps to get picoseconds of real time data.

Cellular phone technologies emerged during the s; WiFi during the s. Every year, the quantity and nature of electromog and microwaves contained in this Electrosmog increases. Blaney MD recently deceased for having worked tirelessly on our project.

Dangers of Wifi: for man and environment

This may result in immunopathology. According to NASA [ 1 ]:. Ann N Y Acad Sci.

Patients began to initiate protection by purchasing commercially available shielded clothing and tenting from retailers. Various studies warn of the dangers of Wifi, especially for children and adolescents. Elecyrosmog here report that structural instability of the activated VDR becomes apparent when observing hydrogen bond behavior with molecular dynamics, revealing that the VDR pathway exhibits a susceptibility to Electrosmog.


Envirohment way the body stays free from the negative effects of artificial frequencies. However, research into whether they might interact with human biology, and exactly how they might interact, is a field clouded by the jargon and complexity of each technology and hampered by inadequate experimental guidelines.

Electrosmog and autoimmune disease

Edmonds is an expert at this stuff. How electromagnetic fields can disrupt both solar and magnetic bee navigation and reduce immunity to disease all in one go. Previously, we reported how the human Vitamin-D receptor VDR and its ligand, 1,dihydroxyvitamin-D 1,Dare associated with many chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Research on Electromagnetic Fields and the Environment. The experiments described in this paper confirm that biological molecules are constantly moving and interact with timescales measured in picoseconds. With maize seedlings, irradiation resulted nevironment stunted growth, leaf changes and effects on the mitochondria; these are special cell organelles with a double membrane. It does not matter from where they originate.

Apparently, the percentage of defects in sperm heads rose significantly in the irradiated group. There is a chaos of waves from all across the spectrum passing through your room right now. Immune responses of a wall lizard to whole-body exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation.

Also, transmissions from wireless routers or broadcast towers expose people to low intensity and long-term radiation. Compliance with ethical standards Conflict of interest The authors have no conflicts of interest to declare.

They are laughed at because their colleagues do not believe in the harmfulness of electromagnetic pollution.

Both ionizing X-rays and non-ionizing microwaves are forms of electromagnetic radiation. Henry Lai, whose research is noted as part of the report on the Interphone Study, reported that he has changed his mind about whether radiation from wireless signals and cell phones was harmful.


She cites physical symptoms people may experience following long-term exposure to EMF, including dizziness, headaches, nausea, rashes, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, fluctuations in blood sugar and, in severe cases, seizure and stroke. Anti-inflammatory effects of low-intensity extremely high-frequency electromagnetic radiation: Prev Vet Medvol. The online version of this ghe doi: We used MD software to create a movie which allowed us to easily visualize the relative motion of each atom in the VDR as a function environ,ent time.

Ottawa Citizen Jan 4 Learn from asbestos — and do more to protect Canadians. The only known natural source of microwave electromagnetic radiation is the negligibly weak cosmic radiation from space, although significant sources of natural radiation have existed at lower radio frequencies due to atmospheric phenomena such as the aurora borealis and thunderstorms.

A fast Fourier transform of the hydrogen bond data from Fig. Even envvironment Bise reported human responses at similarly low levels, our observation needs independent replication before we would claim it as definitive. As a result, forces will be exerted on the charged atoms within these molecules by incident electromagnetic fields, including Electrosmog.

Molecular dynamics is computationally intensive, as interactions between each atom in the VDR protein, its activating ligand, and the surrounding water are calculated incrementally as a function of time. WiFi routers operate in this frequency range, and these routers already comprise a significant proportion of indoor Electrosmog.

He has found that, while using a cell phone, 80 per cent of the high intensity radiation is absorbed into the hand and head. Inflammatory disease and the human microbiome.