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As discussed last year in a Facebook group, this year’s holiday project is a ” Elektor Junior Computer” revival project. This means I will redesign. The Elektor Junior Computer was a simple based Microprocessor development board published in the s in the Dutch, German and later French and. Along the lines of the MOS Tech KIM, the Synertek SYM and Rockwell AIM, Elektor Electronics also published their SBC – The Junior.

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YouTube Videos [show more]. If one is found, touch the joint with the soldering iron and apply a little additional solder. Many books were available demonstrating small assembly language programs for the KIM, one demo program converted the KIM into a music box by toggling a software-controllable output bit connected to a small loudspeaker. Photons of the UV light cause ionization within the silicon oxide, since the whole memory array is exposed, all the memory is erased at the same time 5.

Elektuur Junior – Retro Computing

The transistors and capacitors used are small, billions can fit on a single memory chip. If the mains should drop out, all information in mains powered RAM would be lost.

Be careful when installing the main board that the keyboard switches operate freely junioor avoid mis-entered information. This comes in very handy for saving power if the JC is to be used with a terminal or other external device. Data transfer is accomplished in 8-bit blocks, or one full byte at a time.


All other Elektuur Junior articles Here are a few special hints:. Seven-segment display — A seven-segment display, or seven-segment indicator, is a form of electronic display device for displaying decimal numerals that is an alternative to the more complex dot matrix displays. Note the viavisible as a bright copper-colored band running between the compuger and bottom layers of the board. Several techniques have been proposed to power consumption of SRAM-based memory structures. The main board is double sided, that is to say, there are copper tracks on both sides of the board and, in this case anyway, components on both sides too.

Member feedback about College of Compufer Karunagappally: Another approach involved the use of the tube, a specialized CRT developed by Tektronix that retained information written compufer it without the need to refresh. Sixteen of these keys are used for entering data into the computer in hexadecimal code to be dealt with in chapter 2.

Board on a Eurocard PCB.


It is also used to select juniro normal operation or step-by-step program development. The keyboard and display complete the package. The numerals 6 and 9 may be represented by two different glyphs on seven-segment displays, with or without a tail, the seven segments are arranged as a rectangle of two vertical segments on each side with one horizontal segment on the top, middle, and bottom.

SRAM in its form is sometimes used for realtime digital signal processing circuits.

IC8 the double timerthe pull-up resistor R2 or the reset switch itself. This creates an avalanche discharge of electrons, which have enough energy to pass through the oxide layer.

The low voltage secondary of a bell transformer is used in series with a doorbell to indicate continuity. Elektuur articles This is the list of dutch articles and books and paperware by Elektuur devoted to the CPU. Hobbyists, specifically homebuilt processor enthusiasts, often prefer SRAM due to the ease of interfacing and it is much easier to work with than DRAM as there are no refresh cycles and the address and data buses are directly accessible rather than multiplexed.


Some type of blinking cursor that can be positioned, the term intelligent in this context dates from The obvious solution is to use terminal pins as a temporary connection medium but care must be taken when de-soldering the pins, as the copper track is very thin in places and may lift off if excessive heat is applied.

Most terminals were connected to minicomputers or mainframe computers and often had a green or amber screen, typically terminals communicate with the computer via a serial port via a null modem cable, often using an EIA RS or RS or RS or a current loop serial interface.

Elektor Junior Computer – Wikiwand

The small quartz window admits UV light for erasure. Mini and mainframe computers had various memory widths so manufacturers would use the term words, the early hobbyist computer advertisements would use both words and bytes. PB4 from port B. The address, data and control buses are accessible via a 64 pin expansion connector.