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Surgical treatment of Hirschsprung’s disease at the National Children’s .. Enfermedad de Hirschprung. Fantobal-Rojas A. Constipación crónica en el niño. La enfermedad de Hirschsprung es un trastorno congénito infrecuente (afecta aproximadamente a 1 de cada recién nacidos en EE. UU.) que provoca. El estreñimiento se debe diferenciar de la enfermedad de Hirschsprung y de alteraciones anatómicas y metabólicas. La evaluación clínica incluye una historia.

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A new surgical dde to extensive aganglionosis. The affected bowel is of smaller caliber and thus depending on the length of segment affected variable amounts of colonic distension are present. None of the children experienced diarrhoea on long term follow-up.

Surgical treatment is by removal of the affected portion of the colon. Idiopathic Disorders of fecal continence in children. It is commonly characterised by a short segment of colonic aganglionosis affecting term neonates, especially boys. Case 3 Case 3. It should be noted however that the depicted transition zone on the contrast enema is not accurate at determining the transition between absent and present ganglion cells.

Long-term anorectal function after Duhamel operation for Hirschsprung’s disease. Achalasia of distal rectal segmento Pediatr. Over a year period, between July and June27 children were identified with Hirschsprung’s disease HDincluding twenty males and seven females – [male: While transportation and poor communication systems may indeed be a challenge for the Caribbean, especially in the presence of multiple small islands, a number of factors make routine use of the primary pull-through procedure inappropriate for the Caribbean, if not impossible.

Hirschsprung disease and hypoganglionosis in adults: However, use of the more modern definitive surgical procedures, most of which are laparoscopically-assisted, singlestage procedures cannot be safely adapted in Barbados at present.

Kirschsprung Like sindromes in patients with normal ganglion cells on suction rectal biopsy. However, many factors outlined by Somme 8 which will affect earlier diagnosis and referral have improved and will continue to improve throughout the Caribbean. Accllracy of the hariulll enema examination.


Primary aganglionosis associated with imperforate anus review of the litcraturc pcrtinent to one observation.

The majority of patients with Hirschsprung’s disease HD have a satisfactory outcome after definitive surgery 3. The most important exam to diagnose this disease is the rectal biopsy of the complete stenotic segment, which shows the absence of ganglion cells, nerve hypertrophy presence and incresement of the activity of acetycholinesterase.

Comparison with c1inical amI radiological criteria. Authors must state that they reviewed, validated and approved the manuscript’s publication. The long-term outcome of all patients without total colonic HD who had the same definitive procedure Martin’s modified Duhamel procedure by the same surgeon was then assessed.

In protracted cases, marked dilatation can develop, which may progress to enterocolitis and perforation. Diagnosis and management of children with intractable constipation.

Enfermedad de Hirschsprung (para Padres)

An analysis of patients. Loading Stack – 0 images remaining. These two children were 26 months and 38 months at the time of assessment and were 38 months and 22 months post definitive surgery.

Services on Demand Article.

Enfermedad de Hirschsprung | Maternal-Fetal Associates of Kansas

Congenitalmegacolon observation hv Frederick Ruysch. Case 5 Case 5. Case 6 Case 6. The surgical treatment of HD has evolved over the past 20 years from traditional multi-stage procedures to one-stage pull-through techniquesand more recently to laparoscopic-assisted approaches 9, The Congenital Megacolon presents agonglionosis in different lengths of the intestine; many times associated to other congenital anomalies.

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There were 20 males and seven females. Primary versus staged pull-through for the treatment of Nefermedad disease. Megaeystis Illicrocolonintestinal hypoperistalsis synorollle: The child requiring use of both laxatives and enemas was the only one in the series with regular periods of absenteeism from school. Primary laparoscopic pullthrough for Hirschsprung’s disease in infants and children.


Hence, functional obstruction develops as a result of a spasm in the denervated colon. The other two children were able to maintain regular bowel habits with the use of regular laxatives 1 and enemas 1. The recently acquired rectal suction biopsy at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital ought to help in early diagnosis, but also eliminates the need for an open rectal biopsy, which has to be performed under a general anaesthesia unlike a rectal suction biopsy which can be performed without general anaesthesia.

Semin Nkos Surg ; In addition, as evident in this study, a significant number of children were diagnosed with HD outside the neonatal period, and by the time of referral have well-established megarectum or megacolon, which are contraindications to the enfdrmedad pullthrough procedure 9. Somme 8 has claimed that the following factors have all contributed to earlier diagnosis of HD, which has resulted in increasing interest in performing a one-stage procedure over the last several decades: These latter children had the following procedures: The mean age at presentation was 30 months ranging from day 1 of life to 24 years.

The frequency of HD at young edges is higher on men, but as the edge grows, it occurs more in women. False-positive intra-operative frozen sections reported in centres where experienced pathologists are unavailable can have serious consequences A very small number may present in the adult population 1.

Currenl Problems in Surg. Rectal suction biopsy in the diagnosis of Hirschsprung’s disease: