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(a) in the case of the services of the Federation, posts in connection with the affairs of the Federation and. All Pakistan Service, by or under Act. July 4, by Admin 63 Comments ESTA Code is for federal civil servants and it is also known as Civil Establishment Code. There are. Annual Statistical Bulletin of Federal Government Employees (, Civil Servents , Estacode (Edition ) (New),

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Provided that a notice shall not be issued for publication in a newspaper until the costs of such publication are deposited by the appellant. It was further clarified in this office letter No.

In such setacode case the monthly grant may be sanctioned w. Minister of State for Education, …. The life grant facility will thus be admissible only in the cases of widows who are presently getting monthly aid from the BF and for such cases which would be approved by the relevant Boards for the grant of monthly aid in future.

If there are more than one widow grant shall be divided. In case of a female child for the unexpired.

The life grant facility will thus be admissible only the cases of widows who are presently getting monthly aid from the BF and for such cases which would be approved by the relevant Boards for the grant of monthly aid in future. Please refer to Clause v 1 c of Notification No. Penalty— Whoever contravenes the provisions of section 3 shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to seven years, or with fine which may extend to fifty thousand rupees, or with forfeiture of property, or with any two or more of the said punishments.

Therefore, the widows whose cases for monthly grant were on going in BF offices on or after Note esstacode After death it will.

Punjab Estacode 2013

Dated the 20 th September If any member of a Tribunal, for any reason, is unable to take part in the proceedings of the Tribunal, other member or members, as the case may be, may hear of continue to hear the appeal and dispose it of finally. Controlling Officer with office seal.


In view of the above decisions of the Provincial BF Board it is clarified that life grant facility is admissible to the widows of only such Government servants who die while in—service. The Punjab Office of Ombudsman Act, I do hereby solemnly affirm and verify that the contents of the above application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I have concealed nothing. Power to order persons engaged in certain employments to remain in specified areas — 1 The Government or an officer authorized in this behalf by the.

Scale rate expenses payments: employee travelling outside the UK

In estzcode of a sister till. Dated the 12 th February The decision of the Board is brought to your kind notice for information and compliance. Utilization of the Fund. Limited restriction of movement of joint due to injuries. Nigeria has declared that it will 0213 her areas of collaboration with the International Bureau of Education to ensure national and regional development of the basic education sub-sector for the overall development of her people.

Prohibition of employment, etc.

NPS 16 to In these rules unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions shall have the meanings hereby respectively assigned to them, that is to say: Days within which the. A Non—Gazetted Government Servant who, for any reason whatsoever quits Government service or is forced to leave Government service shall not be entitled to the refund of the contributions made by him to the Fund during the period of his service. The Governor of the Punjab has now been pleased to decide that pension and retirement benefits of civil servants who retired or expired on or after the 1 st March,should be determined in accordance with the provisions that follow.

Appeals against the orders of the Tribunal estacodr to the Supreme Court. Where the qualifying service is less than 30 years, but not less than 10 years, proportionate reduction at the rate of Rs. President Goodluck Jonathan, Wednesday in Davos, Switzerland, explained that terrorism in the African continent was fuelled by the attractive esttacode they get as ransom for hostage taking and drugs trafficking.


A copy of every order of final adjudication on an appeal shall be furnished by a Tribunal, free of costs, to the competent authority concerned. January 25, 1. The sums in which 22013 classes of Government servants are to be insured: The matter regarding condonation of delay on applications of monthly grants submitted by Divisional BF Board was considered in the combined meeting of Provincial BF Board held on If there are more than one widow grant shall be divided amongst them in equal shares.

Disease of limb restricting performance of duties. From such date as the Provincial B.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Civil Servants (Amendment) Act, | KP Assembly

If there are more than one widow grant shall be divided amongst. In order to curb the above noted tendency it is essential that some firm guidelines may be adopted for rationalizing the approval of invalidation grant from Benevolent Fund. Question arising for determination by a Tribunal shall be decided ordinarily upon affidavits and documents proved by affidavits, but the Tribunal may direct that such questions as it may consider necessary shall be decided on such other evidence and in such manner as it may deem fit.

The following Act having received the assent of the Governor of West Pakistan on the 25 th April, and was published for general information in the Gazette.

This Islamic scholars tired to outsmart one another in …. Due to recent increase in rates of monthly grant, there has been a spate of fresh applications for monthly grant on invalidation basis.