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The Authorised Evochron Mercenaries’ Technical Manual. (or “How your equipment works”). Extended & Revised Third Edition created by DaveK (aka Incoming). Don’t forget the Evochron Mercenary Guide (The Legends Guide is also extremely useful, .. Evochron Mercenary (Mission – Protect Navy Ship From Vonari). This manual has been written because information explaining how the technology Layout of the Manual. frame sizes used by mercenaries in Evochron.

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Mercenzry radiation exposure and virtually non-existent preventative health care result in a higher than normal demand for medical supplies, which can include medicine, equipment, and information. But getting weapons, commodities, and equipment at a discount can provide a major financial benefit in the long run. From that overhead perspective, the SX value represents sectors to the left or right. Repair devices automatically repair subsystem and hull damage in-flight.

Your ship’s shield system will default to a ‘passive’ mode while you are racing, allowing you to bump against the other ship s during the race without bouncing off and losing momentum.

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The base calculation for contract values is listed below: A class 2 cargo scanner is capable of detecting the identity of cargo either in open space or in a ship’s cargo bay at a range of about Then repeatedly engage until the ships are destroyed. Can you land on moons and asteroids? This section will cover a number of strategies to achieve these objectives.

Cerulean is currently under Alliance control and does not generally charge docking fees for mercenaries. A fair reputation level generally means you will likely encounter hostile ships on some occasions. If you’re far away, then precision may be more difficult and you may need to jump out of the sector, then back in at different location to plot multiple pathways and pinpoint where the containers are located. Aries Aries is a hostile system where battles often rage for the few scarce resources available.

Glad I could help. It is capable of jumps up to about one sector box away. Other ships can only monitor your forward velocity, so flying in a sideways direction can often cause them to slow down when they observe your forward velocity decrease.


Trainee Ensign Lieutenant Jr. Don’t Give Up On Multiple Item Trades Sometimes an AI ship may change their mind about a trade, especially if you add several fairly high value items at once in the trade console. The more skilled they are, the more often they will be able to provide direction information.

The stealth field cloaks the ship visually and prevents it from being detected by sensors.

Most mercenaries who prefer the advantages of the Striker frame choose the Phoenix evochrin the best version. It’s also a good idea to save in different profile slots in case you accidently save at a location you don’t want.

Constructor stations can build components from raw materials. However, impact damage won’t be half as much due to the varying energy delivery rates of different shield merxenary the component that has the greatest effect on shield performance. If an Excalibur is fired at you from behind at close range, engage the afterburner.

Long term loyalty to a faction can provide overall reputation benefits, while short term contract completing can result in losing progress you’ve made in building your reputation. It’s main drawback is limited merceanry and speed, but it is ideal for mercenaries who require high end offensive and defensive capabilities.

So take your time and carefully clean each array fully before moving on to the next one.

Kercenary system’s economy, player reputation, player rating, and number of hostile ships are used to establish the base value for a given contract. On the positive side, this means low prices for available items and ship construction is similarly affordable. Dealing with NPCs for fun and profit. They can track you down and issue contracts against you and your fleet in the same way you get contracts for ships in the area that are hostile to you. Three shield booster cells provide roughly triple the storage capacity.

It includes a maneuvering system based on reverse manial Vonari spacecraft and unique ion-pulse engines that together provide the most agile and fast spacecraft known to exist.


Guia Evochron Mercenary

It also features a compression capacitor in its engine management module, which helps to minimize the loss of speed, resulting in a reduction of only 50 MPS base speed compared to the Hunter frame. If you are close enough to the asteroid to mine it, you will see hot red particles of the asteroid fly off from its surface as the beam cuts into the rock. Its rounded shape and powerful energy system allow it to have a high level of assembly resources and support for energy hungry shield systems.

Each strategy can provide a way to save or earn money and when combined, you can often achieve even better results. Cargo Delivery Another good paying option early in the game are cargo delivery contracts. The central circular structure inside the docking area can protect you from both weapon fire and missiles.

Combat contracts are often the most valuable, especially in moderate and hostile systems where the number of enemies are usually higher for contracts. Now without Federation supply deliveries, Talison offers good prices for most items and equipment. Granted i may not know where to look. Designed to survive intense large scale battles and protect valuable cargo from even the most powerful adversaries, the Hunter class frame boasts triple layer metallic composite armor and plenty of assembly resources for high end components.

Biological Units consist of cells of organic material compressed into individual storage containers.

The class 2 Fulcrum jump drive is capable of jumps up to about two sector boxes away. Just avoid entering any fight if you have less then about units of fuel on board. Here is an image to illustrate this concept: These cells are valuable in the production of genetic sequences, particularly for terra-forming and food plant species.

Don’t expect much for these primitive devices, but in the right system, that can be worth the cargo space.