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This page contains the US Army Field Manual on Combatives. ‘^FM FIELD MANUAL HEADQUARTERS No. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Washington, DC, 30 September COMBATIVES Contents Page . FM Without balance, the fighter has no stability with which to defend himself, nor does he t FM Combatives () – 1st Tactical Studies Group.

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With low-intensity conflict scenarios and guerrilla warfare conditions, any soldier is apt to face an unarmed confrontation with the enemy, and hand-to-hand combative training can save lives. Regardless of the type weapon used by the enemy, his attack will always be along one of the nine angles of dm at any one time. When an o pponent prepares to attack with a roundhouse- type kick off the line of attack by stepping to He the n turns his body to receive the momentum of the leg iFigure FigureStep 1the defender moves he inside of the knee of the kicking leg.

US Army Combatives FM 21-150

The defender moves his body off the line of attack while parrying with either land. The stun distracts the attacker and also gives the defender some time to gain possession of the weapon and to execute his disarming technique. If the opponent fails to present an opening, the bayonet fighter must make one by parrying his opponent’s weapon and driving his blade or rifle butt into the opponent with force.

Use this technique to secure the opponent only if rope, flex cuffs, or handcuffs are unavailable. The attacker directs a horizontal slash along the No.

He drops his body weight by bending his knees to help get the proper bend in the opponent’s elbow.

Combatives Hand to Hand Combat Manual FM | Army Navy Sales Army Navy Sales

The laying side fall is a training exercise that teaches ffm basic movements for executing a side fall. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. This point should be struck with a knee, shin kick, or impact weapon.


FM 21-150, ARMY FIELD MANUAL 21-150: COMBATIVES (30-SEP-1992) [S/S BY FM 3-25.150]

The small bones on the back of the hand are easily broken and such a strike can also render the hand ineffective. The defender continues to move i n and places his other arm behind the punching arm FigureStep 2′.

The dislocation also forces the opponent’s head down- ward where a knee strike can be readily made. It is also effective when an opponent is lying on the ground or in a fighting position. They condition the body through motion in all ranges, accustom the soldiers to contact with the ground, and promote aggressiveness. The attacker slashes the defender with a backhand slashing motion to the right side at the ribs, kidneys, or hips.

I would most certainly say that it would be far better to have this combat manual which is based on the Korean War era than to have none at all. After executing a throw or takedown and while the opponent is on the ground, the fighter must control the opponent by any means available.

Combatives FM Department of the Army: : Books

Department of the Army Language: The objective is 21-1500 disable or capture the opponent by cutting him with the blade of the bayonet. While grappling, the defender can snake his hand over the crook in the opponent’s elbow and move his body to the outside, trapping one arm of the opponent against his side FigureStep 1.

In this stance, the fighter stands with his feet about shoulder-width apart, dominant foot toward the rear.

The opponent tries to strike the defender with a punch. The shin kick can also be used to attack the floating ribs Figure He relaxes all muscles not used in a fmm position; tense muscles cause fatigue and may slow him down. Write a customer review. He must know when to increase the distance from cm opponent and when to close the gap.


The defender thrusts his hips f his opponent and maintains a grip on his opp onent’s right elbow. Maintain a buffer zone of 6 feet from retainer wall and demonstration area during all training, especially training requiring throws and takedowns by students.

They also enable the soldier to apply the principles of defense against weapons and allow him to feel the movements. Any of the stretching exercises in FM are recommended for hand-to-hand combat training. More pain can be 221-150 by trying to put the opponent’s fingers in his own eyes. Usually, the straight grip is used.

Unarmed combat and expedient-weapons training should not be limited to forward units.

Crawl, Walk, and Run 21-1150 Read more Read less. Grasp the weapon in your left hand just below the upper sling swivel, and place the right hand at the small of the stock.

Pit Construction This movement is taught by the number in two phases: The defender then executes a follow-up technique to a vital point. Palm-heel strike to solar plexus.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. The defender puts his full weight and force behind the punch and fk his opponent in the solar plexus Figureknocking the breath out of his lungs. To win, the fighter must be aware of how to move his body to maintain the upper hand, and he must know the mechanical strengths and weaknesses of the human body.