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View and Download Furuno FM operator’s manual online. FURUNO VHF RADIOTELEPHONE OPERATOR’S MANUAL MODEL FM FM Manuals and User Guides for Furuno FM We have 3 Furuno FM manuals available for free PDF download: Operator’s Manual, Installation Manual . FM No Longer Available. MSRP: $1, GMDSS Compliant, 25 Watt DSC-VHF/FM Radiotelephone. Power Usage24 VDC. Power Output25 W.

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Switch off transmitter immediately. Switch equipment on and set to Channel Make broadcast to “All Stations” giving your vessel’s name, callsign and DSC number, and cancel the false distress alert.

Hazardous voltage which can cause electrical shock, burn or serious injury exists inside the equipment. Only qualified personnel should work inside the equipment. Do not disassemble or modify the equipment. Other Calling Types and Other Functions 5. Your VHF Radiotelephone FM will perform to the utmost of its ability only if it fk-8500 operated and maintained in accordance with the correct procedures. The FM system consists of a main transceiver unit and two antennas.

The transceiver unit contains a VHF transmitter, receiver, and channel 70 watch receiver module. The performance and op- eration are controlled on its front panel. The antenna may be of any type available from FURUNO or market and the recommended type is a vertically polarized non-directional type. Furjno International version of FM has no such selection. On the weather channel mode, a beep is emitted when the weather alert tone is received. The loudspeaker off mark appears when the speaker is off.

The loud- speaker is automatically turned off when the telephone handset is used on semi-duplex channels. This is done to prevent break in communications. Automatic acknowledge is automatically restored once voice communications are terminated.

The priority of the equipments is as follows. Voice communication channel 7.

Universal Time Coordination 9. To communicate with a coast station, a station sends its position data to the coast station and the coast station determines the chan- nel to use. Transmits the distress alert. Cancels wrong data and restores previous menu. Changes settings of items ffuruno with blinking question mark.

Blinking item is registered when key is pressed. When blinking question mark appears When the FM is turned on, the following display appears. Preparing and Transmitting Messages Preparing message for immediate transmission Preparing and storing message for later transmission Fm-85500 are two methods by which you can prepare and transmit messages, and they are shown below. Prepare message and then transmit it. Normal display Press the [ENT] key. Commence voice communications with coast station on CH Fj-8500 the following information to the coast station: Listen on CH16 for 5 minutes.


Relay the distress alert to a coast station by DSC. Follow the instructions of the coast station. Fm-850 search and rescue operations for the vessel in distress, com- municating with the vessel over CH16 automatically set on f-8500 FM Fi- nally, follow instruction of the coast station. You may relay a distress alert in the following conditions; If position is unknown enter “” no information.

Returns to normal display. Watch on CH16, following instructions of a coast ffm-8500. DSC Communication The individual call is for sending message to a specific station. You should mf-8500 it within five minutes. Detailed procedure Prepare and transmit a message as follows. Press the [ENT] key. To enter other station ID. Proposal from transmittion station is not acceptable. To select reason why unable to comply. After transmitting message, you can communicate by voice over the FM Since the channel of the FM is automatically set to CH16 designated aboveyou can commence voice communication immediately.

Detailed procedure Channel is auto- matically changed. Listen to voice message. Detailed procedure Below is the sequence for manually acknowledging an All Ships Call when the handset is off hook.

RigPix Database – Furuno – FM

To select file number under which to save message. You may write over unnecessary files. Simply prepare a message and store it under file number of unnecessary file. You want to write over file saved under file number To view contents of message, press the [ENT] key successively. This means each time you save a transmitted message it is filed as log no.

Furuno FM-8500 User Manual

Transmitting retrieved message You can transmit a retrieved message as follows. Individual message is retrieved.

The re- ceive message memory can store 1 to 50 of each category on a first-in, fist-out basis. This means each time the unit receives a message it saves it as log no. Transmitting retrieved message Press the [t] key. To return to previous menu. Fm8-500 these, individual, all ships and distress were discussed in previous chapters.


This sec- tion describes the other types of calls available. The procedure for preparing and transmitting other calls is the same as that for indi- vidual and all ships calls: Select type of call, gm-8500 message and transmit it by pressing the [CALL] key. Individual fj-8500 Refer to page Refer to page Call a terrestrial network, fj-8500 example, your office through a coast station.

All ships call Refer to page Position request individual call Find position of other ship by entering its ID number. Polling call individual call Confirm that own ship is within communi- cation range with other ship.

This provides only negative response; it does not provide position information. To enter coast station ID. Selection of Format specifier.

Entry of Coast Station ID. Try again after 15 min Recall after 15 minutes. Then, if it fjruno received, carrier is automatically transmitted. Display 1 Working channel Counts down. Alarm of Fmm-8500 sounds. Take the handset fuurno VHF hanger within 60 seconds. You can program often-used station IDs and telephone numbers under a file name. Press the [7] key. Display 1 Press the [ENT] key. Telephone number selected is input into the transmit message.

The aural alarm which sounds when messages other than distress and urgency are received may be turned on or off and the distress alarm tone may be selected.

System Confirmation This chapter shows how to confirm the system; no items can be changed. Set up menu 1 2 3 4 Press the [9] key, or the [s] key seven times and the [ENT] key.

You can confirm VHF section settings as follows: Tx output power on private mode channels can also be confirmed if applicable. Check if power plug is firmly connected.

Furuno FM-8500 Operator’s Manual

Check breaker at the rear of the equipment. If it has tripped, push it in to reset. If NG appears, have a technician replace corresponding p.

Do not open the equipment at any time. Electrical shock hazard exists inside the equipment.