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Brewery and Brewpub of the Year winners are determined based on the results of the competitive beer judging held at the Great American Beer Festival. If you’re looking to keep up with the happenings at GABF from the comfort of your home, The Brewing Network has you covered. The Great American Beer Festival, October , #GABF GABF Beer Winners. Do you know how many Lager categories were in the #GABF competition?.

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New Belgium Brewing Co. Judges may award a silver or a bronze medal and yet not award a gold medal in a category. Smoke Beer — 50 Entries Gold: The medal winners, including the winning professional brewers and American Homebrewers Association AHA member homebrewers are:.

Live: GABF Awards Ceremony

The Professional Judge Panel awards gold, silver or bronze medals that are recognized around the world as symbols of brewing excellence. The Post Brewing Co.

Neighborhood, Ventura Coast Brewing Co. It was nice to see some new faces up there this time around.

Live: GABF Awards Ceremony – Great American Beer Festival

The Great American Beer Festival Competition Manager selects judges from a list of internationally recognized brewers, sensory experts, suppliers, writers and consultants.


Tin Roof Brewing Co.

Rye Beer — 57 Entries Gold: Apricot Saison, West Brewing Co. Field Beer — 90 Entries Gold: All brewery entrants must be members of the Brewers Association. Entering brewers must provide the appropriate GABF category name and number along with any requested supplemental information for the entry to be judged correctly. Robust Porter — 91 Entries Gold: For example, breweries may choose not to accept recipes for fruit beers, sour beers, or beer requiring extended aging, etc. Stories and opinions shared on CraftBeer.

A world-class beer that accurately exemplifies the specified style, displaying the proper balance of taste, aroma and appearance. Gordgeous, NoDa Brewing Co. Wall of Sound, Stereo Brewing Co.

Wolverine State Brewing Co. Each year the GABF judge panel includes up to 20 new judges to keep the panel fresh with new ideas and palates. Little Harpeth Brewing Co.

Great American Beer Festival Competition Winners Announced in Denver |

The Great American Beer Festival held its first competitive judging in The GABF awards medals for excellence in categories and does not necessarily award medals to the top three finishers in a particular category. Chris Cardillo Collaboration Competition Medals were also awarded in the first-ever GABF Collaboration Competition, which recognizes the collaborative spirit of the professional craft brewing community. However, the brewery may choose to offer the Pro-Am beer as one of their five festival beers at their brewery booth as well.


Awards are only given in categories and not in subcategories; however, judges do evaluate beers based on their adherence to the subcategory guidelines result in this guide. The Great American Beer Festival invites industry professionals from around the world to sit together in small groups and, without knowing the brand name, taste beers in each specified gabr category. In an effort to eliminate the possibility of error, please review your confirmation letter carefully, and then sign and return it, indicating your final approval of your company name, all spelling and also categories and subcategories.

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Melk Stout, Columbus Brewing Co. During first-round beer tastings, each judge completes a beer tasting form for each beer judged.

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Festival attendees can also sip the beer entered in the competition during the tasting sessions.