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Introduction to the functions of GENEX Nastar GSM •Network Monitoring and Analysis. •Network Problem Location and Analysis •Report Auto-Generation and . Oct 14, NASTAR Basic User Training Analysis by: E2E NW Opt Team Date: 25 April GSM MR Analysis Task Area of TopN TRXs or Problematic TRXs Area of TRXs Area of Counter genex u net delivery 培训引导胶片. Mar 1, ONO11 iManager Nastar VR GSM Performance Analysis System Application. . ONP21 GENEX Probe VR GSM Operation.

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The investment is limited. Therefore, you will be familiar with the traffic measurement index structure of Nastar and find it easy to use once you are familiar with the Help file of traffic measurement.

Obviously, code congestion is quite severe. Having deleted messages from Android phone out of nstar Moreover, the maximum number of CEs in the downlink reaches 97 when congestion occurs, indicating that there is indeed yenex traffic and power resource congestion is a fact.

The red lines indicate the major analysis functions. More HiSuite by Huawei 9. It is a basic performance analysis skill for us to master the methods of making and querying analysis themes. The Windows release was created by Huawei Technologies Co. Still plenty of other means, e. Hybrid cloud-based solution, nwstar allows for easy access and management.

Nastar Introduction – [PPT Powerpoint]

So we recommend that the settings be changed to the same as in Hong Kong and Brunei so that soft handover becomes more smooth and the call drop rate can be improved. The measurement can be made and call admission based on power prediction can be performed only when this switch is on. Moreover, transport congestion and power congestion are likely to occur, too.


More Huawei modem It also provides the custom report template function, that is, you can make report templates according to your own experience.

The parameter configurations related to paging are found normal. More Hi Suite More Internet Manager The program will immediately generate a report and the operation thus ends.

Nastar Introduction

It is seldom used. Increase micro cells in hot spots 4. Some computer users decide to erase it. Advanced Uninstaller PRO is a powerful program. Opinions by other users – Press the Read reviews button. The baseline configuration of power ratio for common channels has been verified in Beta tests and commercial offices.

Being regretted to have erased those valuable info? DCCC, state transition, etc. Expand the capacity of transport resources 3. Lost your digital photos? RLC reset, uplink out- of-sync, UU interface no responseetc.

The RNC soft handover 1D hysteresis is set to 10 5 dB and the 1D trigger time is set to mswhich will make it hard to trigger the 1D event. We geex through the verification test on the simulation platform that the service priority in the default configurations of RNC V1.

GENEX Probe和Assistant工具介绍_图文_百度文库

More MegaFon Internet Technical information regarding the app you are about to uninstall, by pressing the Properties button. After the switch is on, the PS RAB setup success rate of the entire network reaches the normal KPI requirements and the problem genes solved, as shown in the following table: We further check grnex script configuration and find that the following problems exist for the power ratio configuration of the cells with abnormal load: The figure below shows the correspondence: When the DCCC switch is on, the code resources that do not need to be occupied will be released and the corresponding power resources will also be released.


As these templates can be kept and transferred, repeated operations are avoided and there is great convenience in experience accumulation and sharing. Obviously, the bandwidth of R99 AAL2 paths is set to kbps too small. The PCHs consume plenty of power; 3. For this reason, we carefully surveyed the radio environment at the site nastaar searched for interference. Genes operators in Brunei have little wireless network operation experience.

However, we can see from the right green part in the above table that the average downlink throughput is as high as Increase carrier frequencies 3. How to lower the optimizationdifficulty? Hi Suite supports Outlook, andincluding the 64 bit editions.

Please refer to the relevant guide, e. Your phone has smashed and everything has gone? Hi Suite is a program developed by Huawei to sync the calendar and contacts on their Android devices with Outlook.

The information contained in this document is for reference purpose only, and is subject to change or withdrawal according to specific customer requirements and conditions. You may refer to the online help of Nastar if you are interested in it.

There still exists this problem: