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has ratings and reviews. Paul said: This was tedious postmodern whatever who cares experimental crap of the worst gh I would l. is one of those books that ought to be gimmicky but isn’t. It’s descriptions of people on a London underground train, all described. [Geoff Ryman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A cult classic in the making. is the novel about everyone you’ve ever met and.

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You could probably read it all in one day, if you were determined. I was given this book by my friend Charlie years ago but posponed reading it because it seemed too show-offy and empty of an idea. I understand the adverts were trying to add to the feel of a tube journey, but again they seemed like huge in-jokes that I wasn’t in on. July 28, at 5: Nothing more really- A blurry mish-mash of random people who were probably all inter-connected, but by the time I had read 20 of these I wanted something ‘proper’ to read.

– Geoff Ryman | Savidge Reads

Without doubt this is an ambitious undertaking. He reaches Embankment station on the Bakerloo line of the London Underground, better known as the Tube, and sits down on another passenger. You are commenting using your WordPress. Ryman, in contrast, asks why a novel cannot be structured along the dimension of space; he takes a small number of minutes, and traces the evolution of an extended set of people through that interval.


I don’t mean to tell Ryman how to write, but women do not think how he thinks they do. Ryman’s prose gets the job done, with minor explosions. Living in London for feoff long as I have over a decade I am still discovering new parts of it, have become rather obsessed in some parts of its history and have feoff recently to want to read more books about it and its people, even if they are fictional.

You can read that online version for free here: There were so many characters that I couldn’t remember any of them we So I’m reading a bunch of interactive fiction these days, and was recommended to me as an early example of hypertext. The structure of is straightforward. Alguien gwoff no vomitar porque va al trabajo sin dormir tras una juerga considerable.

Is it the fiction of the future? Notify me of new posts via email. Here are some of their stories. He begins to weep. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Ryman’s ambitious AIDS-metaphor epic,approximates that experience, turning each of passengers on a capacity-filled London subway into the main characters of their own winding, internal stories, all fated to meet together in one horrible and broadly-telegraphed CRASH! I could complain a lot more, but frankly, I want 2533 be done with this book Each character is introduced in a separate section containing words.

The book seems massively in favour of immigration painting characters from other countries in a wonderful and sympathetic note. The actual timespan of the book is about seven minutes, but you get to learn about every person on the train, their relationships, their connections and interactions. Tremendously popular on the Internet, is one of the year’s most imaginative, unclassifiable books. Some of these are touching, some compelling, some fascinating, some incredibly disturbing.



253 or Tube Theatre; a Novel for the Internet About London Underground in Seven Cars and a Crash

A train in which every passenger has a seat will carry people. This book was so grindingly obvious in all its techniques and the “shock ending” was telegraphed so far in advance a person in a deep coma would have sussed it by page three if their loved one had started reading it to them.

What he is doing or thinking Imagine having a listening rmyan on your head that could allow you to hear the thoughts of every person you come across.

Each sketch describes the character’s appearance, as well as something that isn’t apparent and the character’s thoughts or actions as they ride. Each character a passenger on a London Underground train has their own subjectivity, their own strange and complicated life situation.

Preview — by Geoff Ryman. A book that will: Jefferson Farjeon 1 J. Mar 30, Mykle rated it it was amazing. geof

But the author is one of my favourite human beings. Frank Baum 1 L. I hope my library is able to find a copy for me! Indeed, the text is an example of constrained writing, in which the rymman dictates many aspects of form.