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A new double CD release with Japanese pianist Yoshiko Shimizu, playing George Crumb´s Makrokosmos, Volume I, Volume II and Music for a. George Crumb’s Makrokosmos pieces for amplified piano were created during an especially fertile period of his compositional career. Crumb had received the. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Makrokosmos I -IV on Discogs.

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On the surface many of these pieces can seem merely like timeless, amorphous essays in sound. In repeated encounters, listeners will surely discover for themselves the endless riches of this masterful composition. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

What Margaret Leng Tan achieves particularly well in her performance is the shading of the softer dynamics from p to ppp and she really draws the listener into the melodic shapes and layering of texture in this dynamic range. Despite the many innovative features of this composition, the general conception of the two volumes of Makrokosmos belongs to the long and venerable tradition of composing pieces that demonstrate the technical and musical resources of an instrument. Makrokosmos is a series of four makrokossmos of pieces for piano by American composer George Crumb.

This is a true listening adventure for the clean-eared! The music of George Crumb is certainly being celebrated this year to mark his 80th birthday. The Phantom Gondolier georfe part 2 of Volume 1 amounts to an intensive display of alternative ringing and rustling piano practices and the added pleasure?


The music is exciting, the playing is marvelous – Mode has produced another great disc. In addition to the usual indications for tempo, dynamics, and articulation, he includes powerfully suggestive verbal phrases that point to the intended sonic and expressive effects.

Spiral Galaxy [Symbol] [2: Margaret Leng Tan performs the two twelve-movement cycles each of which makrokosmoz subdivided into three groups of four pieces, each piece dedicated to someone born under the corresponding sign of the Zodiac with exemplary precision. That is why it is so important to experience Crumb’s music live. Crumb had received the Pulitzer Prize for Music before turning 40and he produced a series of masterpieces mmakrokosmos rapid succession: Cadenza Apocalittica Scorpio L.


Crumb has stated that the two volumes form a sequence of 24 fantasy-pieces. Rain-Death Variations Pisces F. Chopin on track 11! Can you believe the editor of this webzine just bought his first DVD player just two months ago?

Dream Images Love-Death Music geeorge Voices from “Corona Borealis” [3: Chopin on track 11! The twelve pieces of each volume are grouped into three parts of four pieces, and each part is to be played without interruption. Yes, and this was just part 1 of Volume 1and the rest of the set is just as veorge madly changing appearance, in a hall of mirrors of timbres and whimsical ideas, carefully executed by Margaret Leng Tan.

And Mode Records have re-issued a recording of both books of Makrokosmos, performed by Margaret Leng Tan, originally released in for his 75th birthday.


As the world’s first professional toy pianist, Ms. New Music BoxIssue 70 – Vol. Similarly to Volume Ithe last piece of each part is notated so that the score forms an image: Of course, many un-orthodox playing practices are exercised by the brilliant pianist Margaret Leng Tan, like plucking strings inside the piano, playing glissandi across strings, sliding a scrape along a string and so forth – and the truly extraneous sound appears in whistles and vocal utterances Crumb has designed the last of the four parts of the three divisions of the two sections as a symbol, thus in Volume 1 presenting piece number 4 as a cross, number 8 as circle and number 12 as a spiral.

These pieces constitute a massive and detailed exploration of the sounding possibilities of the piano.


Primeval Sounds Genesis I [4: By the way, the Crumb video is currently in gorge Netflix queue so I can watch it all again. Added to these techniques are various vocal effects such as whistling warbling and theremin-likemakorkosmos, whispering and moaning to further extend the sound-world.

Crumb has exemplified the characters of the Zodiac with the initials of specified persons born under those signs, like Lorca and Brahms, to mention a couple.