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Print you PDF silently using C#; Author: ; Updated: 14 Mar ; we’ll use the suite of software Ghost Script developed by Artifex and. 2) using gsprint, a executable that comes with Ghostview (the GUI for GhostScript ) and who’s able to send PS and PDF files to any printer that. or uninstaller silently, /D sets the default installation directory (It must be . To print to a specified queue, use -sOutputFile=\\spool\NullLPT1.

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These are platform-independent, but if you already have fonts of the right kind on your platform, you may be able to use those. First, do not add a checkmark to the checkbox next to “Conversion program handles printer”; and second, insert something like the following in the Parameters field with the actual devicename that you works with your printer:.

This results in a serie of files being printed in the wrong order allthough you have sent them in the right order to the Adobe process. How do I make a program run when Windows starts up? Valid values are 1, 4, 8 the defaultand For the sake of simplicity, you may want to change this to “C: Define some environment variable so when the read operation is executed the resulting command will be correct.

ALL to the directory that contains your printer files. Start gsProcessInfo ; gsProcess. They are only examples of more-or-less what the correct filenames may or may not look like! The entire conversion and printing process occurs in the background.

Also, be absolutely certain that you understand the concept of an “example. Remember that not all devices supported by the Linux versions of Ghostscript are supported in the Windows version. With this method, however, color graphics can be printed on any color printer. If nothing prints, then stop and install the software that came with your printer. Download the fonts and unpack them into DISK1: Beware that gsprint should be approached through the commandline and will not automatically print the file in the correct orientation portrait or landscape.


When using two or more threads, files sent to Adobe Reader at the same time was ignored. In the same directory as the Ghostscript executable. The performance testing was done by giving the service 40 single page PDF documents and measuring the time taken until the last file was processed and sent to the printer queue. The only way to make this procedure work is to follow the instructions in every single detail.

I did notice that the executable name changed slightly so I had to remove a space.

printing – How to print with ghostscript in silent mode – Super User

To accomplish our task, we need to send the required paramaters to gsprint. Note that if you intend to convert PostScript output files to PDF format, you should always install Type 1 fonts as “soft fonts”; if you install the fonts as “graphic” fonts, any text that prints in that font will look rough-edged, and you will not be able to search or copy any text printed in that font.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In order to handle installed printers two basic classes were created: Instead of the Apple LaserWriter driver, you may use one of the special Ghostscript drivers available from this site see the notes on drivers belowor you may use almost any of the standard PostScript drivers that originally shipped with WPDOS. The method works in this way: One limitation of this, like all other any-printer methods, is that it does not let you select different paper trays for different pages in your print jobs.

You should not use this directory for anything other than print spooling, because any files you place in the directory may be deleted by PrintFile’s spooler function. Select Edit, and in the Select Printer: Post as a guest Name. With either version, the directory in the pathname in green C: You do not have to run Ghostscript after installing it, but you must install it.


This took way too much time. You may also consult the printer and devicename database at LinuxPrinting.

If you leave out or alter even one detail, the whole procedure will fail. Click OK to close the Properties dialog, but do not launch the shortcut.

This method solves all problems I had with Adobe Reader but unfortunately introduces silnet ones. After some more roaming on the internet, in search of a solution to my problem, I stumbled upon gsprint. The system menu of the Ghostscript Image window includes a “Copy” command to copy the currently displayed bitmap to the Clipboard.

The PrintFile icon should appear in your system tray at the far right of the Windows taskbar. Btw, if you do manage to change the pprint size programatically, please keep us posted. It prints silently which is great using command line but I only get empty pages. So, time to look for another solution! Fonts, for rendering text.

Background printing of PDF documents

The Ghostscript executable file; on some operating systems, more than one file is required. Posted by Brian on October 24, So adding additional fonts have to be done manually. This is usually the preferred executable. The “soft font” remains on your computer’s hard disk until you print; the “graphics” version is stored in the WP. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.