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Groupe Genoyer commit to conduct it business in line with the values and. SERVICES. SOURCING AND PACKAGES FOR INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS. Groupe Genoyer Phocéenne offers a. As an Oil and Gas expert, Genoyer Industries and Technologies masters all the.

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With its 50 years of experience and internationally recognized know-how, you will integrate into a true school of talents. We partner with worldwide customers as a services provider for complete product line and packages dedicated to piping equipment.

Business principles

We aim to genoer a leader and a unique channel in the piping world. It reflects our cultural diversity and our worldwide interests. Opportunities are offered to work side by side on a daily basis with experienced professionals dedicated to our customers.

Enter your email address and name below to be the first to know. We encourage international relationships within the group, we can offer you international positions and we are used to assign positions to local executives. In fenoyer to be compatible with the spirit of our company, we are looking for motivated and dynamic candidates with a positive thinking attitude…. Want to be notified when our article is published?


Enter your email address and name below to be the first to know.

Our basic approach is grooupe on understanding and anticipating the gneoyer needs. More importantly than academic qualifications, we are interested, above all, in the personality and the willingness to be part of our team, working with us to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

Want to be notified when our article is published? While English is an obligatory skill to join our company, a wide range of opportunities are possible for candidates with additional foreign languages.

Projects & Services – Group Genoyer

Egnoyer train our employees to improve their background and optimize their knowhow To cooperate with our clients, suppliers, partners to develop quality practices in project management and continuously improve our quality performance. Groupe Genoyer commit to conduct it business in line with the values and principles set out in the Code of Conduct.

It is relayed to our employees all over the world. Environmental responsibility is a key value of Groupe Genoyer.


Our Code of Conduct provides a commun reference document concerning values and principles at the heart of Groupe Genoyer. We want to excel in the quality of our supplies together, with a perfect match of the environment requirements and safety regulations.

Home page – Group Genoyer

Through its internal organization, Groupe Genoyer strives to provide its customers with constant and effective communication. The intention is to provide a comprehensive range of ways to meet quality of products, services, costs and deadlines in compliance with applicable standards and regulations. These values and principles gather women and men of Groupe Genoyer, beyond diversity, cultures and experiences.

We use our 50 years experience in the industry to offer the most competitive and innovative solutions for our customers projects.