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The Hendershot Motor Mystery [F. D. Fleming] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Directory contents of /pdf/Reference_Material/Hendershot/ The Hendershot Motor , MB The Hendershot , MB. The New . F. D. Flemming, “The Hendershot Motor Mystery,’ Fate, vol.3, no.l, January , pages Also: Gaston Burridge, “The So-Called Hendershot Motor,’ Round.

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Please login or register. He still reminds me of the winding blisters. The second model is built around a ring magnet, the outside diameter of which is seven inches and the inside diameter six inches.

Wow ION great stuff. Coils 4 and 22 may have served to regenerate the weak earth field with coil 4 and 31 being a variable reluctance oscillator portion.

See my dilemma now? I also have a download link to download Deepcuts video in avi format if anyone wants a file copy, just PM me and i will mail the link. He says there is no heat, because magnetic forces are cold henfershot the motor is stopped only by breaking the magnetic field in the windings.

Directory contents of /pdf/Reference_Material/Hendershot/

Hendershot The Lester J. This would be great way to disseminate any technology we achieve. Google and read about the induction compass, very interesting! Yes, I am a builder. This two coil receiver that gets mentioned now is some other invention that never worked properly. It is spun by the air as the plane moves, and so the generator coils inside cut through the earths’s magnetic field, which has a particular orientation, thus a voltage is induced and the indicator instrument displays that voltage.


Each time a current is drawn in the rotating coil, hendwrshot Lenz law applies, creating a flux that opposes the variation and therefore creating a counter torque.

Lester J Hendershot Generator

The skewers are for kabobs from the grocery store. I do like Ion’s 2 separate boards. But it must be set before each flight, and is not always reliable. Deepcut66 is trying to get ahold of the specs in regards to the device in his video.

All that is needed are the measurement specs.

Directory contents of /pdf/Reference_Material/Hendershot/

It makes no difference that the coil is rotating in the earth field or in the field of a permanent magnet. Hendershot today stated there was nothing mysterious about his motor, that motorr force that energizes it is the “same force that pulls the needle of the compass, kotor there is nothing mysterious about that”.

Home Help Search Login Register. The coil is a magnetic dipole rotating in the earth magnetic dipole. Note that this was a proof of concept drawing and may not have produced much power. It can be built for any desired speed, and a reliable constant speed motor is one of the greatest needs of aviation.

We don’t even need to supply any torque as the mysteyr will be pulled into the magnetic field with the correct design.

On the earth itself? May have to revive this at some point, but right now I’m more interested in the proof of concept Mark1. The sketch drawing is rather crude and has many mistakes from a drafting perspective mixing front sectional with pure frontal views. Hendershot declares that one of his motors, mhstery and ready to be installed in an airplane would weigh little more than four ounces for every horsepower it developed, while the mysstery of the gas engines now built weighs about two pounds per horsepower.


Hence the need for N-S alignment along the length of the device. Attached is all three views from page 26 EDIT: A top view would show the items 18 and 27 as rectangular but closer to square cores with open centers wherein the coils are disposed.

Major Lanphier hendwrshot he first became interested in the Hendershot electrical machine several weeks ago through Peat; that in common with others he thought at first it was more or less “bunk” but after seeing it work hendreshot became interested.

The fuelless motor was not his objective, he explained, at the time he began his experiments some three years ago, when he first became interested in aviation. Grumpy on And it runs vac devices. The magnet in the motor, he thinks, probably would have to be recharged after about hours of operation.

Elite Hero Member Posts: It was suggested that perhaps the Hendershot engine was “stealing” power from some big radio broadcasting station.