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Wow. I really hope Nikon can fix this quickly .. “Thus, because of the apparent widespread nature of the problem and Nikon’s response to it. Nikon Ds — avoid; even a D is a better camera today; Nikon D — Recommended (best all-around ILC ); Nikon D Simple question to those that have purchased the D/E ebook by Thom Hogan if you’ve read through it, do you think it was worth getting.

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Which Nikkors Have Flourine Coating?

So either you can say the critic has no standing — as if it were Justin Bieber talking, and you say simply, this is a cretin and he knows nothing about photography — or, if you ohgan to dismiss the argument publicly, you have to make a convincing, informed argument against it. I guess they are right?

Spike’s Photos

Most people that get a good unit are never heard from or counted. That doesn’t make things better or worse than other cultures and may not apply to consumersbut there is a tendency to behave slightly differently. Many of the left sensor-focused images would be unusable. At dpi the native level of the Epson inkjetsa 3mp camera can print a 6″ wide print, a 6mp camera can print an 8″ print, a 12mp camera gets you to an 11″ print, a 24mp camera nets 17″, and the 36mp D models get you to 19″.

But by the SAME token, consumers have a right to share their experiences with any product so as to educate other potential buyers as to what they might expect should they purchase that product. If you’re looking for hgoan high-quality camera, you don’t need to spend a ton of cash, nor do you need to buy the latest and greatest new product on the market. Hogah likely chew through a couple of EN-EL15’s in s800 typical day, but now I’ve d80 at least five hours of sequential charging ahead of me if I don’t bring an extra charger.


What do I do? Sorry I forgot to add in response to your comments, Ariel, than I did speak to NPS and far from confirming they had a fix, they denied the problem existed.

Nikon DSLR Reviews | Cameras and Photography Explained | Thom Hogan

The real test comes when you fill the buffer: Usually they will fix it but they won’t go around accepting there is something wrong with their line up I wonder if it occurred to Thom that readers aren’t going to email him to tell him they don’t have problems with their body. What else does Nikon make? I wouldn’t expect a third-party book about any product to be an bogan thereof.

At least until you change some defaults, figure out how you’re going to deal with missing cheese, and get used to new controls and positions. More Travel, Plus Meet and Greet 6. There, I said it: I was really gutted at having to send them back.

hoan From the questions in my InBox, I note that we’ve already got a lot of D purchasers who are in way over their head and probably would have been better served by a less demanding camera. If you shoot raw without compression you generate 76MB files, after all.

Thom Hogan’s Guide to the Nikon D | Spike’s Photos

If you’re not pushing the image to huge print sizes, the higher ISO values are quite usable on the D, hogna you need to watch out when in high contrast situations, as you’ll be picking what tonal values you can keep. Is Copyright Working for You? Which Nikkors Have Flourine Coating? The caveats are these: And all this because Nikon has not said anything Sometimes the cheese stays the same when it should change: In the olden hoogan, a standard commercial mantra was “If a customer is satisfied, he might tell 2 people.


It’s not about fanboyism; it’s about Thom’s pouty behavior. Buy Your Mom a Sigma?

Is my lens worthless? The problem start to arise when you send the camera back, you pay when you should not for shipping and handling, wait about 2 other months to receive it back from Nikon hpgan then, still the camera is not working properly.

For almost everyone, they’ve got a fairly fixed print size. I think that’s what Thom had in mind: Do you ever update your works?

Opinion: Thom Hogan’s D800/E eBook

I have had a couple of Nikon folk say something off the record, but I honor off the record comments; Hpgan don’t report anything I learn from them unless I can find multiple sources of the same information from elsewhere. A very small percentage of early-adopters have a focus issue with a few of the 51 pts.

My point is that handling has changed. To squeeze in the red “record video” button, Nikon has moved the relative positions of the Mode and Exposure Compensation buttons. Other byThom Sites What’s New: You use live view to get the best possible image given any shortcomings of your lens etc.

What Hogzn filter do I use to slow down water movement?