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Jean Toomer’s Cane,1 from which “Blood-Burning Moon” is taken, is a collect of short stories interspersed with poems, which makes up a whole. It is divid. Cane study guide contains a biography of Jean Toomer, literature essays, quiz questions, Cane Summary and Analysis of “Esther” to “Blood-Burning Moon”. An introduction to Blood-Burning Moon by Jean Toomer. Learn about the book and the historical context in which it was written.

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Ferguson upheld the right of states to allow racial segregation. Her song becomes the direct articulation of the fear and gruesome finality that looms over all the described events, and she sings in chorus with all black women at the end of each section of the story in the ultimate communal voicing of the loss of their men.

Who ever heard of being afraid of a nigger? Not a twig cracked beneath his feet. The old woman lifted the well-lid, took hold the chain, and began drawing up the heavy bucket.

The big man shoved him through the door. These laws were known as Jim Crow laws. Beneath a swaying oil lamp, a Moin alternately whipped out at the mule, and fed cane-stalks to the grinder. The mob was silent. The story of the transformation of a man into a werewolf during the full moon is an example of this tradition. Not wishing to choose between Tom and Bob, and in her glory, she has forgotten the pride of men.


The possibility that Tom may be a rival poses an even greater threat to his identity: Come near beatin Barlo yesterday.

They saw the full moon glowing in the great door. What way was that? Torches were flung onto the pile. By the early s, the South was segregated with respect to housing, education, medical care, religious institutions, and within public buildings.

They saw the full moon glowing in the great door. Tom and Bob are mirrors of each other even in their actions.

The full moon, an evil thing, an omen, soft showering the homes of folks she knew. In this way, Toomer clearly implicates jezn supremacy and its threatened dissolution by an tooker vital community of African-Americans as the reason for the violence in the South. Rage has formed a union closer than brotherhood; Bob is Tom through the bond of hate.

They began plaintively to yelp and howl. That same night white men lynch Tom by tying him to a stake inside the abandoned factory and burning it down. Louisa becomes caught in a web of events over which she no longer has control. There’s still time to sign up, just call or visit us online! A figure rushed from the shadow and stood before them.

Sing, honey Louisa, an while I’m listenin t y I’ll be makin love. Seems like th love I feels fo yo done stole burnning tongue.

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“Blood-Burning Moon” by Jean Toomer | Thommy Ford Reads

He returned to the South on a tour with Waldo Frank during Join other followers. This section contains words approx. Nurning many to get in there.


Some position for him to be in. A mule, harnessed to a pole, trudged lazily round and round the pivot of the grinder. Cane-roots took the fever from his hands. One of the most well-known artists was Aaron Douglas.

Blood-Burning Moon

He seemed rooted there. In order to nlood his depiction of racial hatred, Toomer creates a romantic conflict between Bob Stone and Tom Burwell for possession of Louisa. He too has suffered. Negroes who had seen the fight slunk into their homes and blew the lamps out. Palpitant between the rooster crows, a chill hush settled upon the huddled forms of Tom and Louisa. Because he maintains the belief in his right to possess Louisa sexually, he is outraged at the possibility tooomer Tom has been with her.

When Bob persists, Tom begins beating him, and Bob pulls a knife.

Since its republication inCane has received increasing critical attention for its experimental style and its portrayal of African-American life in the rural South. Copyrights Blood-Burning Moon from Gale.