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Mass Nouns, Count Nouns and Non-Count Laycock – – In Alex Barber (ed.), Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. Elsevier. A crucial part of Taurek’s argument is his contention that i. John M. Taurek, ” Should the Numbers Count?” Philosophy & Public Affairs 6, no. 4. (Summer I ). Oxford University Press USA publishes scholarly works in all academic disciplines, bibles, music, children’s books, business books, dictionaries, reference.

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Sumner – – Dialogue 35 2: Sign in Create an account. Argue your Position Opinions are not valuable here, arguments are! Preventing a harm for either individual would be at little to no cost to S. There are certainly other kinds of chance procedures a Numbers Partly Count proponent might wish to adopt for what Yoda ought to do in the Star Wars scenario, such as to choose whom to aid on the basis of a slightly different procedure where in round 2 given that A was chosen in round 1 Secura has a smaller chance of being aided given that Secura will receive more of the aid if chosen in comparison to B and C.

This response of course raises the question of how advocates of the Standard Picture would prioritize numbers versus these other values.

The Ethical Principles of Effective Altruism. In each case, some cost is borne for the sake of the greater overall good.

Submit a new text post. No keywords specified fix it. Michael Otsuka has suggested though that Taurek can reject this line of thought by drawing a distinction between pairwise comparisons which do not involve any appeal to groups and those comparisons that involve appeals to groups.


The reason Taurek says that he cannot make sense of it being a worse option to save the few rather than the many is because such an option would have to be worse simpliciter, or worse from an impersonal perspective—a perspective which Taurek does not accept.


In iv A has no limbs restored and Susan has both arms restored as well as one leg restored. A Simple Solution to the Number Problem. I shall now argue that this dilemma may be more apparent than real. Anthony Skelton – – Journal of Global Ethics 12 2: Sanders takes the loss of a person to be bad simpliciter—not just bad for that person—such that this badness simpliciter is aggregative.

For example, in the Riot Case, although a great number of people would die if we did not prosecute the innocent individual, PAA holds that moral agents — even the ones who might die as a result of our not prosecuting the innocent individual — could recognize that the consideration of justice may be a legitimate moral reason not to prosecute the innocent individual.

Science Logic and Mathematics. Here is the way out I suggest for the Numbers Partly Count proponent.

Oxford University Press, ; Nagel, T. Second, if the well-being of x and y are equal in comparison prior to any intervention by S, and the turek that S can prevent for both is serious, then the claims of both x and y are not to be dismissed even if the harm that S can prevent for x is greater in comparison to the harm that S can prevent for y to a non-trivial degree: Call this the Standard Picture of nonconsequentialism.

If equal claims can be interpersonally substituted and divided, why can they not be aggregated? What We Owe to Each Other. However, if, as PAI says, all persons are incommensurable, then there seems to be no way shojld comparing A and B. First, many in this debate have focused on the complete prevention of a harm in a Taurek Scenario. The Standard Picture solves the Number Problem because it holds a plausible account of the separateness of persons.


All posts must develop and defend a substantive philosophical thesis. So, there is no good reason to think that there cannot be scenarios in which one harm is greater than another by a significant degree, and yet both harms are serious in absolute terms. But regardless, we have seen that there is certainly a viable way out of the shoulc for the Numbers Partly Count proponent—a kind of numbers skeptic.

Other things being equal, it seems that nmbers should save B instead of A. Captain Kirk can only save taurwk of the individuals via his Starship Enterprise. Read the posted content, understand and identify the nimbers arguments given, and respond to these substantively.

John M. Taurek: Should the Numbers Count?

Similarly, PAA holds that moral agents could recognize that if numbers are the only relevant factor at issue, then that is a reason in favor of saving the greater number. How to be consistent without saving the greater number. For a perceptive analysis of different versions of the weighted lottery, see Wasserman, D.

I cannot give a satisfactory account of the meaning of judgments of this kind Taurekpp. From 3, one can substitute A with B.

Hence, numbers play a role in taurfk Standard Picture only as one input among many in the deliberative process of a moral agent. This latter fact could be taken to be true iff PN is true.

Hence she is happy to affirm that if you 6 Though, see e.