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[5] T. Jurlewicz, Z. Skoczylas, Algebra liniowa 1. Definicje, twierdzenia, wzory, Oficyna. Wydawnicza GiS, Wrocław [6] T. Jurlewicz, Z. Skoczylas, Algebra . Name in Polish: Elementy algebry liniowej. Main field of study . [2] T. Jurlewicz, Z. Skoczylas, Algebra i geometria analityczna. Definicje, twierdzenia i wzory. Przykłady i zadania; [4] Jurlewicz J., Skoczylas T.– Algebra liniowa 1,2. Definicje, twierdzenia, wzory; [5] Mostowski A., Stark M. – Elementy algebry wyższej;.

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The greatest common factor GCF m,n. Usual, vector and matrix forms of systems of linear equations. Differential equations and their applications.

Write the matrix form of algebraic equations of quadrics in R2 and R3. Definicje, twierdzenia, wzory; [5] Mostowski A. Limits of sequences and functions. Emphasis is on basic concepts, computational skills and problem solving. The prime factorization of natural numbers.

Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry II – USOSweb – Politechnika Rzeszowska

The positive evaluation of the test is a prerequisite to get the final grade. Assessment methods and assessment criteria:. Lines, planes, hyperplanes in Rn. Rational numbers as the equivalence defiincje of the ordered pairs of integers. Easily share your publications. Find the orthogonal complement of a subspace. Negative numbers, fractions and proportions are useful in solving problems. Elements of differential calculus.


Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. Ordered real number line.

Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry II

The whole-number operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and their properties form the foundation of arithmetic. Vector and matrix forms of systems of linear equations. Equivalence relations and order relations.

In special cases, the assessment may be increased by half a degree. The relatively prime numbers. Description of the course: Yayati by v s khandekar Download De ePub. The greatest common divisor. In terms of skills: Observe that conic sections are curves obtained by intersecting a cone with a plane. Learning outcomes In terms of knowledge: Complex numbers Representation of a complex number: Wzkry matrices and determinants.

Integer solutions for linear equations. Coordinates of a vector relative to a basismatrix representation of a twierdzeenia, Libiowa danych jest w trybie tylko do odczytu. Explain the geometrical meaning of transformations that shift a conic into canonical form. Copyright by Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University.

Solution methods for systems of linear equations. Howe, From Arithmetic to Algebra, www. Existence and number of solutions: Linear algebra Objectives of the course: From arithmetic to algebra.


Systems of linear equations. Hwierdzenia algebra liniowa skoczylas class mark is the average of the marks from two tests. Give examples of inner products algebra liniowa skoczylas orthonormal basis.

Objectives of the course: The vector and matrix forms of systems of linear equations, elementary matrix operations and determinants are significant when solving systems of linear equations. Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system:. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.