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K9F2G08U0M datasheet, K9F2G08U0M pdf, K9F2G08U0M data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Samsung Electronic, FLASH MEMORY. K9F2G08U0M Datasheet PDF Download – FLASH MEMORY, K9F2G08U0M data sheet. The attached data sheets are prepared and approved by SAMSUNG Electronics. SAMSUNG Electronics CO., LTD. reserve the right to change the specifications.

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Since the time-consuming cycles of serial access and re-loading cycles are removed, the system performance is improved. Data in the data page can be read out at 50ns k9ff2g08u0m, only X8 device cycle time per byte or word X16 device. Its NAND cell provides the most costeffective solution for the solid state mass storage market. Datawheet Waveforms for Power Transition 1. A page program cycle consists of a serial data loading period in which up to bytes X8 device or words X16 device of data may be loaded into the datashdet register, followed by a non-volatile programming period where the loaded data is programmed into the appropriate cell.

Freight and Payment Recommended logistics Recommended bank. The memory array dafasheet of separately erasable K-byte X8 device or 64K-word X16 device blocks. Since the invalid block information is also erasable in most cases, it is impossible to recover the information once it has been erased.

When the device is in Busy state during random read, program or erase mode, the reset operation will abort these operations.

K9F2G08U0M Datasheet(PDF) – Samsung semiconductor

Recent History What is this? To transfer data from cache registers to data registers, the device remains in Busy state for a short period of time tCBSY and has daatasheet cache registers ready for the next data-input while the internal programming gets started with the data loaded into data registers.


Rp VCC ibusy 1. Since k9f2g080um device has 1 page of cache memory, serial data input may be executed while data stored in data register are programmed into memory cell. Any undefined command inputs are prohibited except for above command set of Table 1. It is an open drain output and does not float to high-z condition when the chip is deselected or when outputs are disabled. The addressing should be done in sequential order in a block. Total 1, NAND cells reside in a block.

Some other commands, like page read and block erase and page program, require two cycles: Refer to Figure 15 below. If reset command FFh is written at Ready state, the device goes into Busy for maximum 5us.


Any intentional erasure of the original invalid block information is prohibited. The programming of the cache registers is initiated only when the pending program cycle is finished and the data registers are available for the transfer of data from cache registers.

The on-chip write controller automates all program and erase functions including pulse repetition, where required, and internal verification and margining of data.

The serial data loading period begins k9f2g08u0n inputting the Serial Data Input command 80hfollowed by the five cycle address inputs and then serial data loading. k9f2g080um

Since the time-consuming serial access and data-input cycles are removed, system performance for k99f2g08u0m disk application is significantly increased. However, if the previous program cycle with the cache data satasheet not finished, the actual program cycle of the last page is initiated only after completion of the previous cycle, which can be expressed as the following formula. Add the data protection Vcc guidence for 1. If erase operation results in an error, map out the failing block and replace it with another block.


To improve the efficiency of memory space, it is recommended that the read or verification failure due to single bit error be reclaimed by ECC without any block replacement.

Data 1 Data 64 Ex. This operation is also initiated by writing 00hh to the command register along with five address cycles. RE or CE does not need to be toggled for updated status. The contents of memory cells being altered are no longer valid, as the data will be partially programmed or erased.

Since programming the last page does not employ caching, the program time has to be that of Page Program. A recovery time of dataxheet 10? At the rising edge of WE after the erase confirm command input, the internal write controller handles erase and erase-verify.

The random read mode is enabled when the page address is changed. Only the Read Status command and Reset command are valid while programming is in progress. A byte X8 device or word X16 device data register and a byte X8 device or word X16 device cache k9f2g08j0m are serially connected to each other. Refer to table 3 for device status after reset operation.

The Program Confirm command 10h is required to actually begin the programming operation. Random data input may datwsheet operated multiple 9kf2g08u0m regardless of how many times it is done in a page. For this reason, two bit ECC is recommended for copy-back operation.