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Kaula, also known as Kula, Kulamārga (“the Kula practice”) and Kaulācāra (“the Kaula conduct”), is a religious tradition in Shaktism and tantric Shaivism. Kaula Upanishad is the author of The Kaula Sutras or the Kaula Upanishad ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ). Well, I found the Kaula Upanishad. This actually looks like a good site. Lots of different tantra related topics. The Kaula Upanishad Upanishad.

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The principal means employed in the Kaula practice are the spiritual family, the practice of initiation rituals, the couple sexual rituals such as maithunathe body spiritual alchemy inside one’s own bodythe energy shakti controlled especially through the use of mantras and mystical phonemes and the consciousness seen as the epitome of one’s whole being and of the universe itself. The other Riks speak of the identity of the different parts of the human body with those of the Shrichakra and the Shaktis abiding therein.

Whatever is pleasant and positive can be integrated in its practice.

The first four are here published for the first time. There appear to have been differing forms of Kaula worship as evidenced by the commentary of Lakshmidhara on the Saundaryalahari who was himself a Kaula and a man of great learning but spoke with severe condemnation of some of the practices of what he calls the Uttara or Northern K aulas.

Absolute freedom is to be found only in the revelation of the unity of the spirit with God, a state described as Atma-vyapti or re-absorption into the true Self atman or Shiva-vyapti: The Tantras are a recognised part of the scriptures of that which is generally called “Hinduism.

He may neither have had the time nor considered it necessary to comment upon other Vedanta Shastras as did Appaya Dikshita, Narayana, Shangkarananda and others. Here, creation is considered real, and the will to create is considered free and unfettered. It is said by some that the Atharva Veda is named after a great Brahma who belonged to the line of Angira.


Kaula’s basic method is the experience of the freedom of consciousness [21] in the heart, ultimately reflected in the center of the being as Kechari Mudra. Bronze and wood statues, books and apparel.

Bhaskararaya, a man of considerable breadth of view and tolerance, condemns any depreciation of the faiths and rites of others. The mean- ing however of the term Trayi Vidya is not understood. Jankinath Kaul ‘Kamal’ Paperback Edition: See Introduction to Tantraraja and also Kama- kalavilasa.

A translation of Vol. Text, with Intro- duction and Commentary by Vimalananda Svami. Verify the characters on the left. All emails will be sent by Exotic India using the email address info exoticindia.

The non-dual, experienced initially only in consciousness, is extended to the whole body.

Kaula sacrifice yajna is defined primarily as an inward act. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Yogiraj Matsyendra Nath Hardcover Edition: Here the kaulas are unlike Advaita and Vedawhere there is the conception that maya cosmic illusion is superimposed upon the brahman absoluteinducing a sort of illusory creation.

It flourished in India primarily in the first millennium AD. Hide my email address.

Kaula (Hinduism)

Please read our Privacy Policy for details. Some reader may ask why they are published in this series of Tantrik Texts seeing that they are not Tantras ; nor can they be called as some might do Tantrik Upanishads for there does not exist any such thing. I really like this website! Seven have the commentary of Narayana and the rest are without any commentary.

In Rik 2 the first Chakra of one triangle and the second of eight triangles are spoken of. Lakshmidhara gives a full explanation and shows how on the authority of the Taittiriya Brahmana and having regard to the context the two Riks refer to the countless rays which emanate from Supreme Self or the Devi and are indica- tive of Time and the divisions thereof as seen in Creation.

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Bhaskararaya in the Prayoga has given the entire process of which the above is a sample. These nine aper- tures are the nine Gurus.

Kaula Upanishad

I’ve just received the shawl and love it already!! In Rik 3 it is said that the Shrichakra is made up of nine Chakras, and Rik 6 that the body is made up of nine Gurus.

Absolute freedom is to be found only in the revelation of the unity of the spirit with God, a state described as Atma-vyapti or re-absorption into the true Self atman or Shiva-vyapti: Send as free online greeting card. That is why Kaula adepts also perform symbolic external sacrifices making use of a sacred place and various rituals.

Rik 15 speaks of the fruit of Nirguna Dhyana and the way to perform it. Tantra ; with an Introduction in English by Arthur Avalon The word “Veda” signifies four, as when it is said of Brahma, that he is Vedavahu or Fourarmed.

Rik 6 says all the Devis spoken of elsewhere are but Tripura. The Kaulas based their precepts on this work – condemn not others – and even faulty argument may be valid, meaning that just because someone doesn’t express an argument well, it doesn’t mean she or he isn’t right!