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The New Prometheus: Moliereis and Kleist’s Amphitryon. WOLFGANG WITTKOWSKI. ABSTRACT. In both works the Promethean protest against the perversion. Central to at least two works by Heinrich von Kleist– Amphitryon () and “The Marquise of O ” ()–are acts of sexual violation. In conformity with. Raising a problem which later confronts his Amphitryon, Kleist asked: “Can there be a situation in which a rational being should put more trust in the convictions.

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Upon his father’s early death in when he was ten, he was sent to the house of the preacher S. If half stars were possible, I’ d give it 3. Books by Heinrich von Kleist. Sie ist schon ein kompliziertes Weibsbild.

Amphitryon (Kleist) – Wikipedia

Sebastian rated it it was ok Mar 29, He has purposely sought out this chastest of women in order to test her and see how she will react to the knowledge of her surrender to one of the Immortals. InKleist entered the guard regiment in Potsdam and took part in the Rhein campaign against France in It is true that he allows events to follow the same course, he even uses Moliere’s play to the extent of translating literally parts of it.

The desperate confusion of feeling, the complexity of different kinds of knowing or are they the same kinds of knowing? Oct 08, Simone added it. Originally published in — please, contact, if something is not correct: About Heinrich von Kleist.


Refresh and try again. Fanchise rated it really liked it Jan 12, Dec 17, Dewey rated it really liked it.

Amphitryon (Kleist)

To view it, click here. Kleist, who tended to irrationalism and was often tormented by a longing for death, then lit out restlessly through Germany, France, and Switzerland.

Amphitryon Amphitryon By Heinrich von Kleist Whilst Amphitryon, the general of the Thebans, is away fighting her wars, Jupiter, the mighty Thunderer, to whom high Olympus without love is but a desert, descends and visits Alcumene having assumed the form of Amphitryon for the purpose. Amphitryon by Heinrich von Kleist. Central to Amphitryon is the cardinal comic experience of confused identities.

Kleist voluntarily resigned from ar The dramatist, writer, lyricist, and publicist Heinrich von Kleist was born in Frankfurt an der Oder in Jul 30, Aniki rated it liked it Shelves: Want to Read saving…. And simply, I have been de-Sosiasized, Just as you have been de-Amphitryonized. DB rated it it was ok Jul 26, There he wrote “Amphitryon” and “Penthesilea. Oct 24, Bine rated it it was ok.

From the opening line, “who’s there? No hard feelings, we might say. Alain rated it it was amazing Mar 12, He reveals himself and announces to Amphitryon that Alcumene will become the mother of the hero Hercules who will fill the world with the story of his deeds and is destined to be taken up into Olympus to become one of the Immortals.

Moreover, the perception that sex has both a physical and a metaphysical dimension vibrates throughout the play — and comes to a head in Act Two, Scene 5.


Nicolas rated it it was ok Feb 14, Stefan rated it liked kleiet Nov 10, Jostein Saxegaard rated it liked it Ampjitryon 01, Meike rated it it was amazing Nov 27, In Act One, Scene 2 Sosias says to his double: Oct 14, Feyza rated it liked it Shelves: Aside from the aforementioned flowery language, great play.

She who adores her Amphitryon, declares that she will die if she should conceive a child and both she and her husband are on the brink of despair when Jupiter appears and clears up the confusion he has himself caused. Not that it escaped me In this happy night, how, from the husband Often the lover can distinguish himself; But since the gods united the one and the other In you for me, I forgive this one with pleasure, For what the other one perhaps committed.

Jupiter, embracing her, asks her to choose between himself and Amphitryon.

She acknowledges the profound bliss that she felt the night before and desperately hopes that that divine feeling was for her husband:. Sarah rated it liked it Jun 17, Laubroester rated it liked it Nov 04,