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In sliding-scale insulin therapy, the dose is based on your blood sugar level. Find out how it works and learn about problems with this diabetes. Lantus (Insulin Glargine), a long-acting insulin is used for treating type 1 Q: Can Lantus be used as a sliding scale with my current insulin of. Chapter 21 – Adjusting the Insulin Dosage and “Thinking” Scales hours, the evening NPH or Lantus (given at It is important to emphasize that “sliding”.

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Success in sscale target glucose levels from mg per dL Lantus Insulin Glargine Dosage. Table 3 outlines the types of insulin used for physiologic subcutaneous insulin protocols. The most common side effect of Lantus is hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

Lantus (Insulin Glargine) – Side Effects, Dosage, Interactions – Drugs

Does Sugar Cause Diabetes? Order 50 percent of the total daily dose as short-acting nutritional insulin lants in three divided doses zero to 15 minutes before meals if eating or before bolus tube feeds.

How does a long-acting insulin like Lantus work, and should I take it even latnus my blood sugar is low in the morning?

Choose a different place in your injection area slidkng time you take the medication; don’t inject into the same place two times in a row. Never share an injection pen or cartridge with another person.


Management of diabetes mellitus in hospitalized patients: Information lantuz references 18 and It is not a proactive strategy to prevent hyperglycemic states. If the brand name is too expensive, your doctor may be willing to manage your diabetes with the older insulins, which are less expensive. Physicians caring for hospitalized patients with diabetes should adopt new strategies of subcutaneous insulin therapy to improve xcale.

Byrd Health Sciences Center in Morgantown. That may be why studies have found that people given this method often have to stay in the hospital longer than if they were given fixed insulin doses. Medically reviewed on May 17, Discontinuing outpatient oral diabetic medications should be considered upon hospitalization of patients who are not in an ICU.

Also how does long-acting insulin work? Hypoglycemia can occur when a person has not eaten enough, has too much insulin, has exercised too much, is sick, or is under physical and emotional stress. Once-daily insulin glargine versus 6-hour sliding scale regular insulin for control of hyperglycemia after a bariatric surgical procedure: Don’t put them next to the freezer or near a freezer pack.

Lantus Dosage Guide –

Most patients treated with sliding-scale insulin in this study never had their regimens adjusted, despite poor glycemic control. Since diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar levels, many people wonder if sugar can cause it. Transitions in care require special considerations and attention to glycemic control medications.


SSI therapy has been around since the s. I am a gardner, pantus rider and swim three times each week. Hypoglycemia low blood sugar is a side effect with Lantus.

If there is not enough insulin, or it is not working properly, glucose will stay in the blood. It’s used to monitor blood sugar levels as well as…. Does it come in a generic version?

Similar glycemic control in the 2 treatment groups was desired in order to not confound the Changing renal function and potential use of contrast dye are contraindications to metformin Glucophage use. These flaws in traditional sliding-scale insulin put patients on a roller coaster of fluctuations in blood glucose, which could be harmful.

This article reviews sugar’s role in developing…. To avoid hypoglycemia, insulin regimens should be modified if the patient’s blood glucose level is less than 70 mg per dL 3.

Sliding-Scale Insulin Therapy

The final transition of care occurs with patient discharge to home. Email Alerts Don’t miss a single issue. Challenges in effective discharge planning for hospitalized patients with diabetes. Pub Medicare claims processing. Intravenous To Subcutaneous For patient transitioning to sliding scale subcutaneous insulin only