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A New York Times bestseller when it appeared in , Roger Penrose’s The En este “Las sombras de la mente” se sigue prácticamente con un punto y. Buy Las sombras de la mente: hacia una comprensión científica de la consciencia by Roger Penrose, Javier García Sanz (ISBN: ) from . : Las sombras de la mente () by Roger Penrose and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now.

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Penrose contends that some aspects of the human mind lie beyond computation. Books by Roger Penrose. May 29, Rian Nejar rated it it was ok.

mene I know a good deal of physics menet an amateur and required a couple of other scientists to understand everything which was being said.

Like many scientists – though it would be more accurate to say like most people – Penrose has his blind spots and prejudices. Sir Roger Penrose, one of the smartest men alive, teams up with Doctor Stuart Hammeroff to offer their own version that consciousness is a product of quantum physics “qubits” or quantum information interacting with the microtubbles in the brain.

The book is heavy on maths and if you are like me, most of it will just go over the head, despite Penrose’s claim that it’s just basic maths. Schrodinger’s Cat of the cat being both dead and alive is the basis for consciousness as our thoughts are the physical representation of mentte things coalescing into “yes, the cat is frigging dead.

Hameroff’s contribution to the theory derived from studying brain cells neurons. Retrieved 7 December As some one who managed to pass O level maths but was kindly advised not to make the universe or at least my maths teacher suffer by attempting A level I found some of the book quite daunting in prospect but not in actuality.

Shadows of the Mind: A Search for the Missing Science of Consciousness

The biggest flaw of this book, though, is a lot of the collaborating evidence for its truth came out through studies conducted after it was written.

This book is substantially better written than Dr. Overall, I found his ideas fascinating, and I hope that the experimental evidence shows him to be right, at least on the foundational premises of his theories.


Another dissenter, Charles Seifehas said: Penrose argues then, that there’s a deeper level of information processing in the brain, deeper than neural networks.

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But it is something different from exploring the ordinary properties of the ordinary natural numbers. It must depend upon a physics that lies beyond computational simulation p. One of the hardest books I’ve read in a long time, mayhaps its because of the fact that Penrose used methamatical and academic explanation method rather than simplifying facts and me bieng an illiterate and haven’t finished middle school yet had its own turmoil reason why this book was a bit heavy on the reading experience, but rich with information never the less.

If you device an algorithm to solve that kind of problems, and let a computer run the algorithm, it would never stop. Marvelous and thought-provoking illustrations leave little room for doubt about this theory.

Quantum uncertainty of sub-atomic particles or fields does not map, by any evidence or intuition, to decision uncertainty in organic neural networks. Mar 21, Ronen rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was extremely dense, but well worth it for those that have an interest in physics, artificial intelligence, or the philosophy or science of the human mind. Such a Platonic viewpoint was important to Godel, and it will be important also for us in the later considerations of this book 8. Was it the knowledge that there is a type of water in these structures which is considered a necessary element for cancelling the interference that would lz the necessary conditions for quantum coherence to take effect?

I somras that Penrose was much better at explaining the crazy nuances of quantum physics than Hawking was in “A Brief History of Time” or “Universe in a Nutshell”. He makes a couple somewhat vague suggestions for what this physics might look like, which seem plausible, but ultimately need some experimental validation to be taken super seriously.

Oxford University Press, pp. But I do feel that Penrose has done a good job in conveying the gist of things, and can be sensitive to readers’ different backgrounds sometimes suggesting an uninitiated reader to skim a certain part.


Or was it the mathematical proof showing that because there are mathematical statements of which we know to be absolutely true y What can I say about a book which challenged my mathematical understanding and revealed the unseen aspects of my own brain’s cytoskeletal structures? Further, AI programs can also conclude that false statements are true, so error is not unique to humans. Return to Book Page. He has received a number of prizes and awards, including the Wolf Prize for physics which he shared with Stephen Hawking for their contribution to our understanding of the universe.

Shadows of the Mind: In addition to providing a supportive structure for the cell, the known functions of the microtubules include transport of molecules, including neurotransmitter molecules bound for the synapsesand control of the cell’s movement, growth and shape. This book’s value is in exploring the question of the nature of consciousness and in dismissing the easy answers.

Roger Penrose

One example is the binary star, one of which is a pulsar – 20 kilometers across, 1. The book is an exploration of this as contrasted lax three other viewpoints that range from ‘all thinking is computational and awarenes is evoked by this process’ to the opposite which is ‘awarenes scannot be explained by physical, computational or any other scientific terms’. The ideas he presents are interesting but baseless. A New York Times bestseller when it appeared inRoger Penrose’s The Emperor’s New Mind was universally hailed as a marvelous survey of modern physics as well as a brilliant reflection on the human mind, offering a new perspective on the scientific landscape and a visionary glimpse of the possible future of science.

Shadows of the Mind – Wikipedia

Applying models of sub-atomic phenomena to comprehend biological or life processes separated by very many orders of magnitude is an unscientific stretch too far. The second part uses Quantum Theory to draft a theory of consciousness. Super positioned states each have their own spacetime geometries.