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Status and Registration. Other Names. Other Addresses. Associated LEIs Headquarters Address: Maples Corporate Services PO Box Riyadh Li-Zhu Wu*c and Aiwen Lei*ad .. 10 (a) Q. Lu, J. Zhang, F. Wei, Y. Qi, H. Wang, Z. Liu and A. Lei, Angew. Soc., , , –;. Journal of the American Chemical Society (33), , , Graphene-based bipolar spin diode and spin transistor: Rectification and.

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LEI Reference Data

Control and Optimization 54 5: Easy access to enamides: A convenient synthesis and the asymmetric hydrogenation of N-phthaloyl dehydroamino acid esters. Structure-kinetic relationship study of organozinc reagents. Network and Computer Applications A Way To Access Acridones. For reproduction of material from PCCP: Global output regulation for a class of single input Port-controlled Hamiltonian disturbed systems.

Decoding dynamic auditory attention during naturalistic experience.

VargoLei GuoMichelle A. Pd-catalyzed direct and selective C-H functionalization: If you notice any innacuracies, please sign in and mark papers as correct or incorrect matches. Chemistry, An Asian Journal. Revelation of the difference between arylzinc reagents prepared from aryl Grignard and aryllithium reagents respectively: Visible-light induced oxidant-free oxidative cross-coupling for constructing allylic sulfones from olefins and sulfinic acids.


Nickel-catalyzed reductive cyclization of unactivated 1,6-enynes in the presence of organozinc reagents. This is just a disambiguation pageand is not intended to be the bibliography of an actual person.

Lei GuoGui-Hua Lin: Accounts of Chemical Research.

Xin-Yu WenLei Guo: You do not have JavaScript enabled. Nickel-catalyzed aromatic C-H alkylation with secondary or tertiary alkyl-bromine bonds for the construction of indolones.

Jump to site search. An integrated indicator system for patent portfolios: If oei are not the author of this article and you wish to reproduce material from it in a third party non-RSC publication you must formally request permission using Copyright Clearance Center.

Efficient synthesis of chiral beta-arylisopropylamines by using catalytic asymmetric hydrogenation.

Lei Shen – Google Scholar Citations

For reproduction of material from PPS: Back lej tab navigation Download options Please wait A novel framework for analyzing cortical folding patterns based on sulcal baselines and gyral crestlines. Optimization Theory and Applications 3: Iodine-catalyzed oxidative coupling reactions utilizing C – H and X – H as nucleophiles. From anilines to isatins: Efficient Synthesis of -Keto Sulfides and Sulfones.


An extended web browser for named data networking. An extended web server for Content-Centric Networking. Arylation of unactivated arenes.

Cooperative Downloading Strategy on Highway Scenario. Modeling and analysis of a bimorph piezoelectric cantilever. Alcohol assisted C-C bond breaking: Adaptive cooperative tracking control for a class of nonlinear time-varying multi-agent systems.

Highly enantioselective cycloisomerization of enynes catalyzed by rhodium for the preparation of functionalized lactams.

Franklin Institute 1: Siyu XieLei Guo: A Facile Access to Unsymmetrical Disulfides. Revealing a second transmetalation step in the Negishi coupling and its leei with reductive elimination: