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Les Hurons préfèrent utiliser le terme Wendat pour se désigner. Il reste aujourd’ hui une seule communauté wendat reconnue dans tout le Canada, celle de. Site de la Nation huronne-wendat. Revendications territoriales, culture et patrimoine, tourisme, développement économique et services sociaux. Les Mosaicultures du Peuple Wendat. 3 Reviews. #8 of 8 things to do in Wendake · Outdoor Activities, Nature & Parks, Biking Trails. Corridor des Cheminots et.

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Objects like this were made for tourists and sold in urban centres as well as tourist destinations such as the Huron-Wendat village on the outskirts of Quebec City, which had been drawing tourists since the 18th century.


The logical method for replacement was through warfare against neighbouring groups with similar cultures. Moose became an important source of food and raw materials. A knife sheath was very useful when hunting and trapping in the woods.

They took their status from hers; her older brother would be more important to her sons than their biological father. The moosehair, of various lengths, is then ready to be embroidered, a process that requires the frequent and repeated addition of more wenddat.

At the time of the destruction of the Huron-Wendat homeland sometimes known as Huronia by the Haudenosaunee, inabout Wenfat left Georgian Bay to seek refuge close to the French, in the Quebec City region.

This type of tray sat on a table in the entrance hall of elegant homes. Wendat is an Iroquoian language.

Les Wendat by Debra Balinsky on Prezi

This pouch was made during the second half of the 19th century between and It is attractively decorated with moosehair embroidery. Embroidery with moosehair, as seen on this pretty little birchbark box, is not an art that is easily mastered.


Some Huron, along with the surviving Petun, whose villages the Iroquois attacked in the fall offled to the upper Lake Michigan region, settling first at Green Bay, then at Michilimackinac. This pretty birchbark box was made between and Between andthe Haudenosaunee dispersed wendxt Algonquians from the Ottawa Valley and attacked the eastern Huron-Wendat villages. Big Turtle commented on the agricultural yield, which produced an annual surplus for market.

Nation Huronne-Wendat | Site officiel | Wendake

The Wyandot played an important role in the politics of Kansas. Walker and the others were promoting Kansas as the route for the proposed transcontinental railroad. In addition to objects embroidered with moosehair, tourists were also interested in the everyday items used by Aboriginal people, who made and sold as curios.

Or a few words might be written on a piece of paper accompanying the case. Huron-Wendat women demonstrated great creativity in their artisanal production through their ability to target a market niche.

During the Victorian era it was the custom to leave your calling card at the home of people you wished to meet. Made for resale in urban boutiques, it became very popular in the s.

Views Read Edit View history. Five to seven hides are stretched out there lengthwise: Having a little girl make the clothes for her doll is preparation for her to make clothing as a young woman and or married mother.

The different Iroquoian versions of the pincushion, made from cloth or velvet, were much appreciated by Victorian women. Once the piece is finished, the places where hairs overlap should not show. This type of small bag was sold in the village of Wendake as well as in Quebec City, where Huron-Wendat women travelled to sell the baskets and other craft works that they produced. We extend our greetings to you and to those who share not only the work but also the pleasures of your wigwam Boys practice hunting and follow men on some hunting events.


And tourists were always searching for something exotic to take home as a reminder of their travels. Absorbing other refugees, they became the Huron-Wendat Nation.

This is a studio reconstitution of wendxt hunting scene and traditional camp with Huron-Wendat guides. On August 14 of that year, the Wyandot Nation elected a chief.


Another Ursuline nun also made a major contribution: In theory, matters were decided by consensus, but in reality, the old men and elected chiefs of large families tended to dominate because of their community standing and powers of oratory.

They also collected nuts, fruit and wild root vegetables. Lawrenceand later exchanging the fur for French goods. Taxes, fees wencat included for deals content. Traditionally, the webbing babiche was made from caribou hide, but in later years it was made from cowhide.