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This script creates a new, blank Lotus worksheet object in the Description field of the current document. LotusWorkbook must be in the OLE. Hi This is a known issue but if you get it the first time it may confuse you. Lotus script function CreateObject() does not work in NotesAgent if it. Unfortunately CreateObject returns error Cannot Create Automation Does anyone know whether there is any LotusScript equivalent?.

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A more detailed discussion of lists is covered a little later. They are sometimes required, but they are also slow and bulky. In the previous example, the info ceateobject was not declared.

What do you get?

If you declare it beforehand, you will get an error. But you told the computer that it should be equal to “Hello”. By default, this is 1. Next is a routine that adds a document to the Word application. Pl find the code below:. Some people also use what is known as reverse Hungarian notation. So, you could do it like this:. You might expect createobuect get back 8 because you made bTestVariable equal to 5.

This is a required step for component programming in LotusScript. As you can guess, this indicates the end of the subroutine. The subroutine lotusdcript defined first by the command subwhich says that a subroutine is being declared. What does it mean? Everything in the form that is, everything under it can see that variable and, therefore, can change it, which is usually very bad.


Also, a “gotcha” can come up if you put variables on the same line.

CreateObject (NotesUIDocument – LotusScript)

Well, what if it isn’t less than ? Loop when you need this type of loop. However, notice the While Not doc Is Nothing.

However, you do not want to hard-code each and every print statement. Have you seen this IBM Technote about calling.

For example, instead of typing 3. Next loop, which is what we have done.

The advantage of reverse Hungarian notation is that as you read the code, you do not have to refer back to the variable declaration to determine what data type it is. An object is an in-memory instance of class as described later.

You must do two things to set up a constant: When you click Run now, did it work? Then print the result.

CreateObject function (LotusScript Language)

At this point, you might want to use the LotusScript Editor application Chapter For example, let’s say that you need to print the number of kilobytes from a given file size in bytes. For example, using the storeroom example, which code snippet communicates more information? They are very difficult to maintain, especially in big programs. End ForAll is used to iterate through a list, an array, or any container that can be iteratively processed.

Because we cannot do that, we will instead do what is known as late binding, defining the type when it is assigned. Click here to find out more.


CreateObject method (LotusScript Language)

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Another example involves the upper and lower bounds of the application. This code then can be used by calling the name that you gave it. Notice that the name of the function is set equal to the formula for converting to kilobyte notation. In addition to allowing a developer to reuse code, subroutines and functions permit the implementation of information hiding, the technique of putting code together that belongs together under a clear name that accomplishes a single task.

How many things can processor hold? Behind those two lines of code however, is the Class WordApp. You initialize your data for each element. Remove the bXYZ line.

Option Declare forces developers to declare all their variables. An error message should be displayed? A variable is declared in three parts all on one line of code. If you didn’t know what the 3 was for, you’d have to search the remaining code to try to figure out its meaning. We make it a class member variable so that it will last as long as the object lasts. Guess what happens when you call the add method of the documents property of MS Word?

Open the LotusScript Editor database Chapter